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Today, I was watching a home video of when my mom was pregnant with me. She had a beer in her hand. FML
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mom to be+beer= FML user hah


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yeah really, I'd be pissedd!

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If it's chilled it's cool.

If it was Pabst blue ribbon than yeah fyl

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at least It wasn't a crack pipe or a syringe or a joint or a blunt...ect

My mom was doing crack in the parking lot of the hospital when she was going into labor... Yeah. :

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wow did you seriously say a joint... I love how alcohol is so much unhealthier for you and you say it would be worse if she was smoking weed which has been proven that it does less damage to a fetus than alcohal

wow did you seriously say a joint... I love how alcohol is so much unhealthier for you and you say it would be worse if she was smoking weed which has been proven that it does less damage to a fetus than alcohal

76/77- So a fetus that gets throat cancer/dies from smoke inhalation is healther then op?

Um, well, seeing as the fetus is in the womb, it itself won't be smoking the joint. It won't be the one actually inhaling it. Now, whatever chemicals and other crap that might be in the pot could be transfered from the moms blood through the umbilical cord and into the baby that way. Although I do agree that, for a consenting, non pregnant adult, smoking pot is less dangerous than drinking. But if you are pregnant, I don't think the mother should be doing anything like that at all. For at least 9 months they should give up their vices for the sake of their baby.

Weed on its own is not as bad for a foetus as alcohol, it's the the tobacco you mix it with that does the damage. It's still bad to do either during pregnancy but alcohol is worse.

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unfortunately we live in a world of free will. they are gonna do it all. however my mom smoked with me. I'm fine. my freind smoked while pregnant. and he was born 9.13 and talking at 2. pretty sure he's fine. the only thing harmful is the tar. but does it cause low birth weights and retarded children? knowledge is power. Whoo free will...

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Erm.. pretty much everyone in the whole of Europe puts tobacco in a joint..

76/77 clearly marijuana had no effect on your spelling... I wanted to see where this FML was from. sure enough, in the bible belt. they should just secede already...

but something to keep in mind: many sodas do come in bottles just like beer. she could've had a bottle of root beer or cream soda....

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76/77 to be technical the maternal and fetal blood do not mix. The fetus creates its own fetal circulation. However, the chemicals that the mother take in can directly effect the fetus through absorption of the umbilici not the planenta.

you know there is such a thing as nonalcoholic beer...

Non-alcoholic beer still has alcohol, tard.

There is at least one non-alcoholic beer that has 0.00% ABV that I can think of. All non-alcoholic beers have less than 0.05% ABV which is the same amount as some soft drinks! Don't be such a pedant, especially when you're wrong..

then it wouldn't be called NON-ALCHOHOLIC, it would just be beer.

all you people saying weed is not bad for a foetus just look it up . pregnant women that smoke weed and other drugs often can cause the baby to be born with an addiction to that drug. When addicts don't get the drug they crave it seriously ***** them up. So yeah, smoking weed when pregnant will harm your baby.

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How is living in a world of free will unfortunate?

Weed isn't on the same level as like heroin and crack. Now I'm not saying anyone should be taking any kind of drugs during pregnancy, but I've never heard of a baby being born addicted to pot. Heroin, cocaine, xanax, alcohol - yes, but never pot. Pot isn't as physically addicting as other drugs.

Weed isn't physically addictive it's psychological.. Yes it's addictive but the addiction is psychological and cannot be developed by a foetus. We all know the dangers of crack babies but it doesn't happen with weed. Smoking weed during pregnancy can cause some of the same issues as smoking.. Low birth weight, premature birth etc. It's hard to tell what it actually does as most people who continue to smoke weed also drink and/or smoke tobacco while pregnant.


I know smoking during pregnancy has its risks, but a mother going "cold turkey" during pregnancy is more likely to cause a miscarriage than smoking ~7 cigs a day. Obviously the better option would be to use gum or a patch, but I'm just putting that out there.

fortunately theres such a thing called a law..

Think we can all agree inhaling any type of smoke is bad for a fetus, but medical science has proven time and again the single worst thing for a fetus' development is alcohol exposure, hands down. Would also just like to point out your erroneous statement about marijuana addiction. The chemical receptors that fire in the case of 'addiction' to 'marijuana' show up no more prominent on MRI's than do those when one consumes chocolate; any 'addiction' to marijuana is a nominal mental condition, more so than any degree of physical chemical addiction to THC. Either way, smoking anything or drinking alcohol is super fail on behalf of the mother during prenancy.

Uhm, pregnant women who drink and smoke and damage their unborn babies can be prosecuted if it is proven that it damaged or killed the fetus. Whoo, having RIGHTS.

What the heck?!?!? That's really random dude :P

dear #77: there is little to no research on what is and is not harmful to a fetus. its unethical to test on pregnant women. Please tell me where in the world you found that information

Actually #128, the blood does mix at least a little bit. When I was pregnant the doctors drew blood from my hand to test my daughter for Down syndrome and since I was halfway through the pregnancy they also looked for any Y chromosomes to check gender.

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maybe it wasn't hers...?

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Does that make a difference?

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No cause she was holding it for the Dr.

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it didn't say she was giving birth

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^You drink beer at any time during pregnancy and it harms the baby

why so many thumbs down..? its not possible for her to have been holding the beer for someone else and not drinking?

"Ma'am, tests show that you're pregnant, but we don't know if it's yours or not." Tell me how stupid that sounds.

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Well, at least you weren't dropped on your head as a kid....And thrown at the wall...several times. -_-

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I know you're reading this CaMel Toe. :)

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You should have seen the video on how she opened the beer bottle. spoiler alert: vaginal bottle opener

more than already? That's a lot of imbreds!

warm beer... ew. ice cold beer... YEAAA

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so thats why I'm so ****** up!

this would only be a good FML if you talked about how you were born with a birth defect or something. if you were born fine, then big deal if she had a beer..

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When I'm pregnant, I don't always drink. But when I do... I drink Bud Light. Stay redneck my friends.

The funny part is you're a guy. =P

well you seem fine...but still that would make me nervous