By unacceptable - 04/06/2012 15:02 - Australia

Today, my mum thought it was perfectly acceptable to post a status on Facebook about how well she is healing up after her hemorrhoid surgery, and tag me in it. FML
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It's not official till its Facebook official.

When a parent has a Facebook you know it won't end well...



It's not official till its Facebook official.

sycosyd_97 1

And u got tagged in it. Double burn:D

Stop getting so anal about it and just untag yourself.

In hindsight, that may have been a great idea.

the_anti_hipster 7

Yeah, don't be so bummed about it.

Maybe we should just put this behind us?

the_anti_hipster 7

I think we've reached the tail end of these jokes.

There's always more junk in the trunk with these kind of jokes.

MrBrightside21 20

What's hemorrhoids? My mom and dad always talk about it and how it "sucks ass" but I never know what they're saying...

By your name, I'm assuming this behavior is unacceptable?

Just ass her to untag you. Butt, if she doesn't, you arse so screwed.

SystemofaBlink41 27
p3mguin 7

at least she remembered you when talking about her hemorrhoid on Facebook.

daisyismydog 3

How could you not think that is funny?!

_ebbonyy 11

OP was probably too caught up feeling sliiiightly embarrassed. But I could be wrong.

daisyismydog 3

I know that it was really embarrassing, but sometimes situations like that turn out to give everyone a laugh!

I don't think I would be laughing if my parents did something like that.

wlddog 14

It's no big deal. OP was being a pain in the ass and her mother found a creative way to say it.

xactownife 7
toenibbler 14

No my good sir. Nasty is mistaking Fat Bastard's stool sample for coffee. That, kind sir, would gag a maggot.

That wouldve been funnier if you had the good sir meme as your profile pic

I also learned the hard way not to add my mom on Facebook.

yanksby7 6

Ya know, FB was created for college kids (ONLY) about 7 years ago. Theoretically, a woman could have had a kid between 3-6 years old while she was in school then, created an account and now her kid also has one. Technically, the mother is more entitled to the account than her kid. Just because they're parents doesn't mean they can't have lives of their own.

Only my mum and my cats are friends with me on Facebook. In 'real life', it is just my cats.

K, first of all 84, #4 never said that moms can't have Facebook, just that it's not the best idea to ADD your mom on Facebook. And second, everyone is intiteld to have Facebook, as long as they're of age. When it WAS made and who is was ORIGINALLY made for is irrelevant.

84- thanks tips but i dont think you get the point.

When a parent has a Facebook you know it won't end well...

Llamacod 11

you know when a kid has facebook it will end even worse as kids are ******* morons and don't understand the future problems they can be setting themselves up for by posting pics/posts that can comeback and bite them in the ass

Nice generalizations to the both of you...

skyttlz 32

I use the custom setting to block my mom from seeing most of my stuff. It's not bad stuff, she's just annoying. She asks about it in real life.

Parents/adults should stay off Facebook…or at least not frequently connect with the younger generation through it (for each side's sake). But that just me.

sierra142 19

Right so if you're over the age of 24 you should not be on Facebook? Or if you have a child?

Originally, only college students could be on Facebook. You had to have a university e-mail.

Until they realized that snotty college students dont exactly = money . So welcome to the big world of corporation kids. Facebook shares hahahahahahaha

TheVelocirabbit 10

Yeah, but now there's 13 year old girls doing duckfaces. Unfortunately I'm forced to be among them.

Yeah, we'll there's also 25 year olds doing the same. We could do this all day. What exactly is your point?

pavlovaaLOVE 7

Don't argue with the warrior now ...........

Ugh, well*. I meant well, not we'll. Autocorrect does this on purpose sometimes.

While I will agree that parents should not do anything on Facebook to embarrass their kids I hate it when people say they should not be on it. I have friends literally all across the country I grew up with and went to college with. If it were not for Facebook we would not be able to communicate even half as much as we do. For older people we are able to speak with old friends if we did not have it. So maybe parents without common courtesy should be the only ones not allowed on Facebook.

TheVelocirabbit 10

112- Well, that's true as well. All I'm saying is that it's an unfortunate case.

That was just a suggestion but it serves a good point. I think that if you have had Facebook for a while and know how it works and what to post and what not, than it's ok to have it but I have noticed that more people over the age of 45 have made some serious errors while trying to use Facebook. I'm not trying to insult anyone about age or use, but it's just something I've seen happen a few times.

The original facebookers just grew older.

yanksby7 6

I remember those days. They were good, relatively drama free days. With status updates from people you actually knew and groups that actually pertained to you. Ah well.

nadnerbz 6

Which is why I'll never accept my mom's friend request

erockinthesuburb 17

Maybe that's just a nice way of saying you're a pain in the ass :-P

CVeNgineer 0

This is why I don't add my parents on Facebook

chowE_fml 4

This is why I deactivated my facebook 3 years ago. Unplug yourselves from the digital world.

#34 - I wish I knew how. The digital world has me in it's cyber grasp. Yet you are commenting on an online site ;)

If added, teach them how to send private messages.

zuzupetalsYO 11

OPs mom knows how to send private messages. She did it on purpose. I think it's funny. If my mom did this to me I'd just get even muahahaaa