By Mexican - 19/06/2016 03:06 - United States - Chicago

Today, after two weeks of trying to convince my parents to go to my high school graduation. They finally gave in. After they handed me my diploma, they decided to leave because it was "too boring." I'm currently sitting on the curb of the street waiting for my Uber, while people take pictures of me. FML
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wowbuddy 19

Those are some shitty parents OP, FYL

Parents like them don't deserve a child like you. Sorry to hear that OP.


wowbuddy 19

Those are some shitty parents OP, FYL

Parents like them don't deserve a child like you. Sorry to hear that OP.

aleksmart 3

FYL OP! Next time they ain't invited to your next wedding or college graduation. I feel so bad for you and those other people taking pictures of you sitting on the curb makes it even more shitty. Hope the uber driver was nice and make your parent repay your Uber ride!

That really sucks, OP. Congrats on graduating. You should be proud of yourself.

The only reason I could see parents doing that is if they have multiple kids and you're one of the youngest and they're just tired of going to graduations. That doesn't justify it by any means, that's still extremely shitty, that's just the only reason I could find for parents pulling that shit. I'm really sorry OP you didn't deserve that.

I graduated valedictorian and gave a speech. My parents went out to smoke and missed my entire speech.

Wow #7 that's horrible. I'm sorry that happened to you.

My dad chose to stay home drinking, rather then attend my graduation. My mother attended and recorded my graduation. When I watched it I heard her commenting to whoever she was sitting next to about every single one of my friends. EX: that's James, he was my darlings first crush; That's Darcy, her and my baby have always been connected at the hip, things like that. But when it came to me she was oddly silent for a while then said "oh, that's my child" in an almost bored tone of voice. Parents suck sometimes. I've learned that if you don't expect much from them, you won't be disappointed. Also, it helps if your best friends parents love you so much that they offer to legally adopt you as a teenager.

What the everlasting **** is wrong with modern parents?

(For the record, I know plenty of awesome parents. That said, I see shitloads of parents that give zero ***** about their kids, like OP's. Unfortunately, the ones that suck outweigh the ones that are awesome.)

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and most of those people are complete idiots. Isolating parents, some people have kids accidentally, some to have tiny versions of themselves, some for social status, some unintentionally due to BS religious beliefs, some just because, and the smart people today, WON'T have kids in the future. SHORT VERSION Too many kids, not enough competent adults.

I feel you, my parents were on vacation on my graduation. Had to go home early cause of my dogs.