By Noname - 09/03/2009 17:04 - Canada

Today, I was rubbing my dog's belly. He seemed to be enjoying it, his penis "came out". My boyfriend was walking by and said "at least you turn someone on." FML
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greenfairy_fml 0

you should have said "at least someone can get it up"


wow, you must really struggle. i'm sorry ;)

kmknotek 0

RESPONSE: "Nobody's as good at turning people on like your mom, sorry."

izzy21_fml 0

eww but then that would kinda mean that the dog turns her on idk forgive me I js confused myself even more -.-

spade1997 0

Now do you do anything with your BF? or i would say that if my GF did not "play" with me.

ajdc24 0

and why is he still your boyfriend?

How do you get so many posts on here?