By neverleavingthehouseagain - United Kingdom - Epsom
Today, my ex, for whom I still have feelings, introduced me to his new girlfriend. To make things "less awkward," he invited a mutual friend of ours. However, the last time I'd seen this friend, it was a week after my ex and I had broke up, and we hooked up. Awkward doesn't cover it. FML
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  Malsain_fml  |  10

Sounds like she did not know the mutual friend would be there. To me, she was quite trapped but could manage seeing her ex with his new girlfriend.
To me, she feels akwars more than anything because she hooked up with the other guy and would not want her ex to know it.
So, she deserved it.

  interesting33  |  36

So she had a boyfriend - the horror. And she slept with a friend - so what! It was awkward because of the relationship she had with her ex and the sleeping with the friend but not having sex with anyone wouldn't solve problems. Stop shaming her - you aren't shaming the guys for sleeping with her - and even if she slept with 100 people, that is her choice, and none of your business!

  HeartYou101  |  31

They probably have a child/children together and/or due to legal reasons, they still have to share the residence they live in because of a contract or whatever...

  thetoadstool  |  16

Er, people react differently to break ups. Some people seek out casual sex to make themselves feel better, either because they need the intimacy, or because it take their mind off of things, or maybe just because it feels good. Or they do it to try to get over their ex - and sex can have a very real effect in that regard, since you produce the bonding hormone oxytocin. Granted, you'd most likely just be replacing the ex with somebody else, but it's easier to get over a casual hook-up with a friend than a serious relationship.

Point is, she shouldn't have to live in celibacy to "prove" that she's heartbroken. Just because you wouldn't have sex with somebody else in that situation doesn't mean that her way of dealing with it is any less valid. She didn't hurt anyone, so whether this was the right choice for her is for her to decide. Don't be so judgmental. It's not a good look on you, or anyone else for that matter.

  remometol  |  16

If she still likes someone, she can have sex. It shouldn't be awkward though, since if that's her way of thinking, it's just sex, and she has no attachment whatsoever to the other guy.

By  Goblin182  |  26

Why would anyone want to introduce their new girlfriend to their ex? Why would the ex agree to it? I can imagine that introduction. "Honey, meet your replacement, Replacement, meet whom you replaced. This is the standard I will be judging you by".

  plan_Z  |  14

I live with my ex, I have met her new partners and she has met mine. We are good friends, so there is no awkward moments. But then I dont cuddle women on the sofa in front of her and she is the same. Its called being friends and showing decency.

  countryb_cth  |  38

Plus there could be a child involved or they may just ended on good terms. I have an ex who we ended on mutual terms, we actually ended up as closer friends from dating. And he is actually really good friends with my current boyfriend and there's no awkwardness at all.