By kbeavv - 11/02/2010 17:09 - United States

Today, I read my mom's Facebook status. It said, "So sick of kids, can't wait for Vegas this week!" My dad, along with 12 others, liked it. I didn't even know she was going to Vegas. FML
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God, you people are harsh. Family members generally should give each other at least a heads up before something like that, for safety and such. Not to mention the fact that the wording makes it sound like the OP is a minor. So the mom is a **** for not even telling her own child that she's going on vacation. What kind of relationship is that? They may as well just disown each other and never speak again.


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Yes there was one more recently than that where the mom's facebook said she was in Florida and the poster knew nothing about it.

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It was atually TODAY, a few posts down. Come on, FML. We can moderate better than that.

This is a hint that you should move out of your mom's basement.

And THIS is why old people shouldn't use facebook. Who cares though, you get the weekend without parents! Not an FML, mate!!!!

Josh honey I only want to go to Vegas because u r so boring

first nobody loves you they just pretend to be your friends and lie behind your back your going to die alone

umm ok so my fml about being stabbled in the leg and raped by a hobo didnt pass but this did? wats wrong with the world

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It's like being stabbed, but adorably so.

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How is it cruel? Why is ops life ****** because the parrents go to Vegas.

#25, If someone's grammar and punctuation is awful and the story is so blatantly fake, it's not going to get through :)

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Yea, the ops life is ****** up..... i mean, how would YOU feel if your parents wanted to go on vacation??? It would suck wouldnt it??? im still pissed off at my parents for going on a honeymoon 4 years before i was even born..... i mean, can you believe the nerves on some of these parents that they want some alone time..... selfish i tell you......

Hey there, chucklebuckets! Hobos don't exist anymore, only homeless people.

if this is something your complaining about no wonder she's "sick of kids!"

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your mom is a selfish bitch FYL

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parents need a brake too! selfish is the child that feels sorry for themselves cause their parents get to go away for a weekend!

ya how is she being selfish for wanting a break? I mean this is hardly an fml. cause oh! my moms going on vacation! FML!!!

@8 excepppppttt forr herpes! that will come back with yooou.

Did she delete your wall posts and go to Florida as well?

this is why you don't add your kids on Facebook.

As did mine! Except with Mammoth instead of Vegas. It was hilarious to us.

Moms can have lifes and complain about them too like normal people.

since when are you a force of reason and not Bitchy McBitch-Bitch?