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Today, my mom friended all my friends on Facebook then thought it'd be a good idea to try and act like a teen so she'd be considered 'cool'. FML
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CalCommando 6

Oh good God that's every teen's worst nightmare!


CalCommando 6
CalCommando 6

Yes, I called her a moose. Come at me bro.

Lol how the hell did you come up with a word like that :)

hotPinklipstick 24

It comes from the word ignoramus. He just added a funny twist to it :)

blackheart24 10

I hate when adults act immature on fb!! How old r u??? Geezus

You mean embarrassing. But my mom has done it too.

Haha, I remember that from Matilda. Great movie, and the word still cracks me up to this day. (:

Nobody knows how to spell, obviously. You ask how old OP's mom is, to insult her, & yet you can't spell Jesus properly.

GovernorGeneral 8

Thank god my mom doesnt even know what facebook is :')

thinkPlNK 0

28 - i hate when ppl type lyk der cap locks is having a seizure . Geezus!!!!!

blackheart24 10

Idgaf. Like I'm the only one on the Internet who writes like that?? **** you all. OP, your mom needs a life.

blackheart24 10

Geezus: Ray William Johnson's way of spelling Jesus. Only =3 fans will get this. Suck it.

Cal, didn't cracker barrel already say ignoramoose?

CalCommando 6

xD That's where I first heard it ^

MidnightBlossom 2

Cherish the moments with Mother.

Yeah "respect your mother she's like no other" - Mr. T

Cherish the moments with mother.. before she goes psycho in her midlife crisis...

lol, teenagers act a little more psycho than women who are having mid-life crisis!

My mum likes to call me to tell me things she sees on my Facebook. "So I see on Facebook that you went out last night.."

Ravenclaw2016 6

Looks like it's a bit late for that 43. I have nothing against parents on FB [though I don't add them] but anyone trying desperately to act like they're a teen in adulthood to be "cool" has hit that crisis.

Aww, she probably just wants to feel young again. :/ but I wanna know what she considered to be "cool" because it might not be THAT bad.

littlemsweirdo 12

Uh, red minidress? Ooh, showing off that saggy wrinkly old body! Hot. o_O

If she wants to feel young again she can get a new haircut or wardrobe. Not try to be a part of her daughter or son's friendship group. It's not normal or healthy.

lrgenesis 19

OP here. In response to 5, she's tried to use words such as "swag" "totes" "creeper" "awk" just to name a few, she's posting awkward stuff on their walls like "you were a beast in that game on friday" and when I asked her to please stop, she declined, she's also adopted 'nm' as an appropriate response to 'what's up?' She's going to turn 51 this year.

lrgenesis 19

Most of the kids she doesn't even know so it's very weird when she tries to "hit them up" as she'd say.

thiscrazything 1

So why did they allow her to friend them?

so cute! you are embarrassed by your mom! she's prolly trying to get closer to you, this is a good thing. don't act like the typical teenager, accept her and joke around with her as well. my dad is/was embarrassing when I was a teenager but instead of cringing I was proud he was my dad.

calmyourself 7

At least she hasn't opted to getting plastic surgery. I just watched a segment on a mom who got plastic surgery to look like her own daughter. It could be worse, OP.

lrgenesis 19

62- They probably wanted more friends to seem popular. Everyone accepts people with mutual friends these days.

bizarre_ftw 21

Then tell them to unfriend her, she should have a fb if she wants one, but with a friend pool her own age

a really great question!! but remember teens on Facebook are "friend ******" they add anyone and everyone to have the highest friends number!! :/

Oh good God that's every teen's worst nightmare!

Llama_Face89 33

My worst nightmare is Detroit actually playing well.

My worst nightmare is evil demons from the depths of hell coming out in the middle of the night and killing everyone by ripping out their entrails.

My worst nightmare is evil demons from the depths of hell coming out in the middle of the night and killing everyone by ripping out their entrails.

unitedfan11 0

If she thinks cool is what it was when she was kid then i feel sorry for you ...

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CDeCam 9

That's not too bad. But if she starts trying to talk to your friends and arrange hang outs to conquer the cinnamon challenge, then you have a problem.

thiscrazything 1

I have nightmares about that kind of stuff...