By thecaptainmorgan - 12/10/2014 04:04 - United States - Tulsa

Today, my boss discovered that I'm prone to random fainting, due to hypoglycemia. He has now nicknamed me "fainting goat" and makes relentless bleating noises every time he sees me. FML
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That's really un-fair of him. You can't help what you have and he should, as your boss, support you, not make fun of you for something you can't control.


I love your boss! But sorry to hear that you at at random times of the day. oh, and first!

Yeah, coming to think of it, it does sound kinda arseholish.... Sorry OP!

That's really un-fair of him. You can't help what you have and he should, as your boss, support you, not make fun of you for something you can't control.

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You can file a complaint with HR to people higher up than he is, unless he is the highest, then you're screwed...

I would talk to your boss before you go straight to HR. That way it's as not awkward. He probably doesn't know you dislike it so much.

Personally, I think it's kind of humorous and cool that you have a boss that can joke around and wants to joke around with you. But if it actually bothers you sit down and have a conversation about it and let him know that it bothers you. I'm sure he's not doing it to be mean. If by chance you have this conversation and he's still doing it after, then take it to HR. Hopefully it won't come to that.

just adding to the support of talking to the boss first. I remember poking fun at a friend in 9th grade and then later getting called up by the principal after I had unknowingly taken it too far. I really wish he had talken to me first and, even though I really had no right to be, I was pretty offended that he didn't come up to me first.

Well at least we know she a knock out .

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wow OP I would call the police and report him. you shouldn't have to deal with that. you're a strong person who shouldn't take crap for anyone.

I think taking it to the police is a bit far, don't you think?

"911 what's your emergency?" *sniff sniff* "My boss is joking with me and I can't tolerate it. I want to press charges " *click* "Hello?... Hello??? "

I'd rather be remembered for the contributions I make as a staff memeber. And not be for something I could not control. But hey, maybe thats just me.

I agree with #21 would you rather be remembered for a medical condition or for being good at your job?

#68 and #21, you know I was just kidding, right ? I would awfully prefer being unoticed than remembered that way.

Wow, what a great boss. Professional and classy.

Hey at least your boss has a sense of humor, some would have just fired you since they don't want any work related injuries

That's illegal with the disabilities act.

I get what you're saying though with being able to be lighthearted and all though. But yeah, not legal.

Maybe consider a transfer, or a different job. Otherwise all you can do is laugh.

That's real professional behaviour one expects from a boss ... Or not.

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On my first day of my first job, I fainted from dehydration. I know how embarrassing it is to pass out at work.