By Yulia - / Monday 9 March 2009 10:09 / United States
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By  nerd_fml  |  0

Does it make anyone else the slightest bit angry that her mom is implying that her vagina is her HUSBAND'S property, and it doesn't matter what she wants - just that her husband enjoys himself?

By  santos_fml  |  0

#2, THANK YOU! If we do our Kegels every day (like 50, five sets of 10), there will be no complaints about any looseness...and no worries with childbirth or peeing when you sneeze.

By  blouuu_fml  |  0

#4... True for the peeing, and true for the looseness... But childbirth? Kegels will help for the healing afterwards, but sadly it's the uterus that contracts and hurts during labor, not the vagina.

And I think that the point of the FML wasn't that her mother gave her a talk about it, it's that she did it while they were on a ski lift, and it made the situation very awkward afterwards.

By  Tucatz  |  0

The tightest woman I've been with yet is 40 and has been sexually active for a lot of years now.

Tell you mom that not everyone who has premarital sex gets stretched out and floppy- just those who don't care enough to do their kegels.

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