By Homeless - / Monday 9 March 2009 12:12 / United States
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By  MCart_fml  |  0

And now you get to come up with the list of all the stuff you owned because they are legally responsible for ALL of it plus pain and suffering for your irreplaceable stuff!

By  rebboy_2008  |  0

I'd sue them for this crap. Pain and suffering plus labor... I'm sure you had to move all of your stuff, what was left anyway, back in and rearrange it... but if you're smart you should probably move.

By  amelinat  |  0

Most people post on FML with really petty complaints "a girl doesnt like me" or "my mom thinks im a whore" but this situation is actually really realy shitty.
I hope you get everything sorted out, neatly and quickly to your complete satisfaction.

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