By Hoover - 01/12/2018 03:00

Today, my parents brought me to the doctor because I was faking a headache. One thing led to another, and it turns out I have a tumor pressing against my spine. FML
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Good thing you faked that headache!

Fingers crossed everything works out for you, OP.


Good thing you faked that headache!

Fingers crossed everything works out for you, OP.

You probably put it there to weasel out of school or chores or something. Well played! blessing in disguise...

Nope a tumor is not a blessing at all

I think he means having to go to the doctor...

It was a blessing because, if they hadn't gone to the doctor, they wouldn't have known about the tumor and it would have grown and gotten too advanced to operate.

This FML makes no sense

He or she said they had a headache. mother took them to doctor. found tumour....

They've edited it 😂😂😂 There wasn't an I last time 😂😂

Op faked a headache, mom took him to the doctor. Found a tumor.

Bad news about the tumour but you're lucky you found out sooner rather than later. Good luck!

Hoping that it hasn't metastasized yet otherwise gg :/

Idk why your parents reacted that way for just a headache, but it’s definitely a good thing they did. Hopefully all goes well.

Having a constant headache is never a good sign. It is often a sign of something seriously wrong. For example my sister would have excruciating migraines so painful she would pass out. It turned out my sister had brain cancer and it was causing the headaches.

Op said they faked the headache though, either way i hope everything turns out ok for you and your family!

Well faking headaches may have saved your life and get you treatment you needed. I guess it was an blessing in disguise.

Wow at least that was found. Thankful for your faked headache!