By bitchasaurusrex - Canada
  Today, I was driving with my mother. The ride was 2 hours long. For the first hour, she talked about how uncomfortable sex is the first time. For the second, she talked about how I should take accordion lessons. FML
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  krazy_glu3  |  0

I wanna know how you go from first time having sex to accordian lessons
"annnnd that's pretty much how my first time was.................................... hey, so I've been thinking.. you should take accordian lessons!"

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

If she plays the accordion, she won't have to worry about anyone wanting to have uncomfortable sex with her? Her mum had it off with a polka musician who is OP's real father? Her fingers and arms will be so strong and nimble she can stick to handjobs and never be made uncomfortable?

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Don't knock it. Sex with a woman who can play the accordion is great.
If you can do it while playing the accordion, that's awesome....
It's like getting a blow job from a women while she's doing the ventriloquist act.

By  krazy_glu3  |  0

I always hate car rides alone with my parents.... that's when they bust out on conversations that you don't wanna talk about.. the only way out is thru the door. and that concrete isn't gunna feel too good.


Roads have been concrete for a very long time. Asphault is more common in most areas but there is a lot of concrete highway. you ignored the whole point of the comment for what reason again?