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One true god.

Your little sister is awesome.


One true god.

And if you've been inspired to study this God, I suggest you start by YouTubing "Nicholas Cage losing his shit". Best compilation video known to man.

Oh my god... He's like an angry toddler. I also think he reminds me of that kid that shoved the remote up his arse when his mom deleted his game account.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!?" *Proceeds to beat himself in the head with a boot.*

44 - You don't say.


Your little sister is awesome.

Yeah, don't let it DRIVE you ANGRY. She seems like a KICK ASS sister. Plus, she is part of your FAMILY, MAN. You can make those posters be GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS. Cool sisters like her are like a NATIONAL TREASURE, so no need to FACE OFF over an innocent prank. Though, you should prank her back just in the sport of SEEKING JUSTICE.

This is the true sign of a Cage fan, but with movies like Con Air and Ghost Rider, how could you not worship him? You are blessed to have such a thoughtful and tasteful sister.

Ha! Nick Cage is the best, high-5 your lil sis.

You don't say? Tell me more about how bad having Nicholas Cage around your house is.

Try sleeping with a Nicholas Cage cut out 2 feet away from your face.

I'd rather sleep next to a Nick Cage cutout than a Beiber cutout.

Best. Little. Sister. Ever!!!

Be happy she didn't decorate it with Justin Bieber or One Direction !

Exactly! Unless she just printed pictures of Niall, that'd be acceptable.

that would be Harry ^

Idk. One Direction is still better than Beiber. He's the one that got his ass handed to him.

Not just one, but two!

36 I don't mind knowing harry's name.. It makes finding that video easier! Always brightens my day!

Directioners be like 'oh no you didn't!!'

Is your sisters name Jill? One of my friends did that yesterday

While locked up in your room, Do you feel like you're locked up in a cage? AWHHHH YEAHHH

I've been the creepy stalker dude, looking at the comments without posting, watching their styles. I've never seen anyone who does a pun an someone else says AWHHH YEAHH!

You're wearing sunglasses on your photo. How fitting.

Despite all your rage...

You are still just a rat in a Cage lol

#64 haha I see what you did there xD

I wonder if she is a fellow Imgurian :o

Honestly, this is probably the best thing I have read on here. Kudos to your little sis! Now go admire the pictures of Nic Cage :3