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  JenkJenks  |  6

Yeah, don't let it DRIVE you ANGRY. She seems like a KICK ASS sister. Plus, she is part of your FAMILY, MAN. You can make those posters be GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS. Cool sisters like her are like a NATIONAL TREASURE, so no need to FACE OFF over an innocent prank. Though, you should prank her back just in the sport of SEEKING JUSTICE.

  not_a_robot  |  15

This is the true sign of a Cage fan, but with movies like Con Air and Ghost Rider, how could you not worship him? You are blessed to have such a thoughtful and tasteful sister.

  _GoodGuy  |  11

I've been the creepy stalker dude, looking at the comments without posting, watching their styles. I've never seen anyone who does a pun an someone else says AWHHH YEAHH!