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Today, I found out my little sister is a pyromaniac. She set my bed on fire. FML
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I'm a pyro too... I set a piñata on fire at a party :|.... lemme tell you this, NEVER eat candy from a flaming piñata :( I got a little scar on my top lip :'(


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god pray she doesn't set YOU on fire.

Why do I see a innocent four year old girl holding a lit blowtorch?

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7 a pyromaniac or a pyrophile is someone who likes to play with fire...they burn things...

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Where are OPs parents in all this?

I wondered that too, this is three in a row. Anyone else wondering about this?

I less than 3 fire ( think about it) [free cookie to who gets a reference I just made]

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at 23, "I love fire!!!" where's my ****** cookie? >_>

the I less than 3 reference = arby n the chief close enough though i think o_o less than 3 <3 herez a cookie tho

An idiot isn't a pyromaniac I less than 3 fire

DogmaT_fml 4

your sister set my bed on fire.

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I caught your brother's be on fire the other day. He LOVED it. ;P

lol that's what I would do to my sister

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Were you on the bed? o.o Fire is awesome!

I have never done that..but hmmmmmmm..good idea.! LMAO girl:D

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seriously though, has anyone else noticed that?

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This sounds kinda fun. I've never started a fire before. .... I wonder if I'll ever get the oportunity to set a Bed on fire? Hmm, *Grabs Matches, goes to parents Bedroom*

I'm better than all of you: I'm a hoplonphile. Anyone who can guess what that means?

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I like fire its pretty And fun

DogmaT_fml 4

you can shoot what i set on fire awesome.

get a new bed? lock your door.... yah.....ok.:) your sister belongs in an insane isylum. good luck at life though!

sooo.. luckily she didn't set the house on fire? wow

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... it's getting hot in here?

fake? Boone just sets a bed on fire. sorry, but I'm not buying it. I don't mind fake FMLs as long as their interesting... this one wasnt

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that..... would ...... so.......awesome!

I wonder what there mother did? she probley set the little sister bed on fire. that'll teach her.

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this reminds me of the movie The Orphan are u sure she is not adopted?

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wow that is crazy. hopefully she was adopted.

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omg that's terrible and what does that pryomatic or something mean

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Ah crap. I should have scrolled further before posting. High fives.

Set her on fire, I bet you after that she will never think about getting close to a flam and btw I was just kidding, it could have been an accident OP

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Dammit. I was going for the Midnight Oil reference too. Great minds think alike!

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I'm a pyro too... I set a piñata on fire at a party :|.... lemme tell you this, NEVER eat candy from a flaming piñata :( I got a little scar on my top lip :'(

haha I did the same thing. ahhh funtimes funtimes :)

Even more fun if you cut a whole in it's backside and stick a lit zippo in it. Two jokes in one... :D

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sounds like a bad waste of a good zippo....

I collect zippos, so far I have a Spain one and a navy one

Hah, damn. Crazy sister. I mean, I love fire and all, but no way would I set furniture on fire. lmao. That sucks, FYL OP.

FYLDeep 25

I was when my brother set our bunk bed on fire btw I sleep bottom it collapsed

pyromaniac??? is that where you love fire, or just like playing with fire (don't call me stupid, I'm only 11.) ???

FYLDeep 25

It means you like to listen to Def Leppard.

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A type of impulse control disorder, pyromania is an impulse to deliberately start fires to relieve tension and typically includes feelings of gratification or relief afterward. But seriously, if you can figure out how to get to, I assume you can figure out how to get to, and type in pyromaniac. That is why people often don't have patience for stupid questions that could have been solved with a google search instead of a comment. The bitch earlier who complained because everyone jumped on her when she asked what FTW meant, could have just as easily googled it and found the answer.

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is ur pic the In Flames jester?

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in flames we trust!!! ****** love them!