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  tygerarmy  |  35

I did the same, but immediately got the owner, completely my fault, and the OP's. But the owner was cool and fixed it for me, hopefully it worked out for the OP like it did for us.

  crazy_bananas  |  31

I'm assuming OP is a college student, so yeah quarters are a precious commodity. They are the gold token that controls all to college students who don't live at home.

  19990231  |  29

I wish I had enough money to not be peeved by wasting up to 4 dollars. Your life must be nice.

By  delichick  |  27

Ive done that too, it suck when that happens - I always triple check when using machines like that.
Ive also got OCD - not to tough for me to keep checking, though its hard to stop.