By tawnaciousd - 10/09/2009 06:35 - United States

Today, my sister surprised me by cleaning my room and doing my laundry. She found my journal, condoms and vibrator and decided to share her findings with my family. Oh yes... she also shrunk half my wardrobe. FML
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A guy with a vibrator and journal? Hmm, whatever floats your boat.

I'm a guy, have a journal, condoms, and a vibrator in my room. I'm not that messy though.


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I keep a journal, have condoms in my room, and am ridiculously messy. You fail.

"guys are the ones responsible for having condoms".....really? That's pretty ****** up dude.

Pretty sure OP is a girl. If you can't get your head round a girl being messy or one is responsible enough to take charge of condoms, you need to get out more.

I'm a straight guy, and I have condoms and a vibrator in my room- It's a little bullet, that I use on my girl sometimes. Is that so strange? No journal though.

sorry, i typo flaming homosexual all the time, the keys are like right next to each other

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Tawn which I assume is short for Tawny, (tawnacious is their username) is a girls name. Guys wouldnt have a vibrator either, surely? Whereas girls may have both. Guys generally don't keep journals either.

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tawnacious D links to tenacious D though :( But possibly. I may have to avoid this post at all cost, through fear of catching satanism, or being lured into dancing naked round a campfire... Thanks for the heads up!

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Oh lord! I'm scared of your powers wise one!

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Omg, Today I was laughed at by someone in the FML comment's, FML. I'm going to hide and cry. :')

I wasn't laughing at you in that sense. I was implying the two of you are funny.

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We know my child. as between us, we know EVERYTHING.

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I think we are actually awesome. Go us!

I think you're awesome too, my...nonchild. Cookie! Thank you. :)

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I love you. Seriously. Intoxicunt, have my babies!

Ok. We'll splice our eggs together. Wait, you should be the one to get fat and pregnant.

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I'm already fat, so the pregnant thing shouldn't be too much of a, I don't have a pain threshold though, so you can give birth.

Well...ok. I guess I'll do it. We both get the fun of conception. :)

Im scared.... This is what the commenting flood protection is for.

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Find something nice and helpful to do for her, like call up a guy (or girl) in her class and tell them she really likes them but is too shy to say anything.

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You amuse me. It's a song, google it, it's a rubbish one though. Can't remember who it's by. Flapflapflap. Oh goodness, you're even a brit!

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I think this is fake. Don't think it's real.

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Stfu and just keep your opinions to yourself

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Who the hell cares if it's fake or real? Just enjoy the FML. And what exactly is so unbelievable about a person cleaning a siblings room, finding private stuff, and then sharing said stuff with the rest of the family? I am an only child and even I know that siblings do things like that. God, I loathe people that call every FML fake.