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Today, my boss threatened to fire me for killing him in Minecraft. FML
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Wow that's really immature of him. But congrats on killing the Boss!!

CammyGal 26

Threaten back to sue him for wrongful termination! Also, minecraft is a kickass game


Wow that's really immature of him. But congrats on killing the Boss!!

He has no right to threaten you, you have beaten him and now you are the boss. Fire him! .... Oh wait, is minecraft not related to real life? Maybe you should let him know that.

I think what OP left out was that his "boss" is a twelve-year-old kid who "found" a credit card and hired OP as a mercenary to protect him from the dangers of the fictional cubed inhabitants. He was deservedly put in his place.

You must be after the Philosopher's Legacy.

Reminds me of when my friend killed me in minecraft for singing "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" off key, and, not knowing that on Xbox minecraft a kick also means ban, I kicked/banned my friend from the server. We switched to halo after, but thats irrelevant. My minecraft point was made.

I'm not really sure what that has to do with anything, 99.

CammyGal 26

Threaten back to sue him for wrongful termination! Also, minecraft is a kickass game

perdix 29

#2, you would lose. Assaulting the boss is pretty valid cause for termination. You could also throw in insubordination.

28, there was never any mention of assaulting the chef here. (Remember, minecraft is a videogame.) That aside, am I the only one who thinks that this post is just referencing Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter? Pretty sure Geoff has at least at some point spoken such a threat jokingly during their Let's Plays.

I was thinking the same thing. - Geoff what are doing today? - I'm going to start firing employees.

OP actually would lose. Texas is a right to work state - they don't need a reason to fire you.

\ 28

This would make for an interesting-ass show on Judge Judy...

DKjazz 20

And Rooster Teeth is based in Texas, too! Gavin, are you the OP?

I came to the comments just to see if anyone else would think it was someone from Rooster Teeth. Now we just need OP to comment on it and...

Doesnt he threaten to fire Gavin like once a lets play?

That's a pretty niSSSSS job you have there... It'd be a SSSSShame if you were to lose it...

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OP's boss probably just found diamond.

You know, if I'd got fired that way I wouldn't be as mad as just "you're fired".

I didn't realize you could kill anything other than those monster things in Minecraft...I'm probably the only person who thought that

Lionesse 15

That's if you play by yourself. It's a lot more fun when a group of people play. You can kill more things... And others :]

Depends on the server, some allow PvP, some don't.

Build him a house and stop hitting him with your damned pickaxe.

Pleo I am VERY disappointed in you, of all the regular commentators on here I was expecting you to let loose a slew of your special brand of buns :(

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I wish I had a boss that would play minecraft with me! You sound very judgmental

Because God forbid someone makes a joke while expressing their opinion, meanwhile you're being judgmental for thinking I'm judgmental.

16- Do you even know what "judgmental" means?

Do you even know the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

To answer your question 24 miles per hour. Anyone would want a gaming day at the office! So don't be mean to OP.

@21 Probs on the Monty Python quote, but it is an awful comeback, use it more wisely. With great power comes great responsability.

7, your sense of humor is terrible, to say the least.

Terrible is an understatement, and quoting Monty Python isn't a "get out of jail free" card; it actually has to be used right.

The correct response to #21 is: "African or European?"

I play online video games with one of my bosses and I'm glad I do! I'm on his good side when something stupid goes down at work.

7/16/21 I get your sense of humour, too bad most of the others here apparently don't.

BlitzPKF 10

@7 here is an example of someone who attempts to make fun of nerds. She's also judgmental.

Sorry OP, apparently there's a boss level that hasn't been beaten.

Hahaha why were you playing minecraft with your boss?

10- Because he can? Because he was asked to? Does it really matter? Its not like the answer will knock you socks off, will it? :p

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sorry 10 duck faces are banned from FML

Why aren't you playing Minecraft with your boss??