By pinkjade - 25/10/2011 07:17 - Canada

Today, I was napping. I woke up to my pillow making some sounds. Thinking it was my head shifting my pillow, I went back to sleep. Later on I woke up to the sounds again, and a mouse staring at my face. FML
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Mr. Jingles wanted you to take him to Mouseville

Sleep with mouse traps around you. I don't see how that could possibly go wrong.

I bought Battlefield 3 yesterday at the midnight release, and you have to kill Mr. Jingles mid-mission on the campaign....

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Oh God.... They are the scariest creatures in the world. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather see a zombie.

Ahhh, the female population seriously become (even more?) unreasonable when it comes to rodents and bugs. A flesh eating zombie with super powers orrrrrr, extra emphasis on 'or', a tiny little mouse, who is more scared of you, than you are of it. Also bare in mind that in comparison to the mouse, you're like the size of the Eiffel tower. You're still more scared of the mouse aren't you?

Wow i cant belive no one got that.Green mile one of the best movies

Mice- tiny little things that eat up your stuff, bite you, scratch you, red beety eyes, and carry around disease And its hard to get rid of Or... Zombie- slow ass mother ******* that if there was an invasion we could capture easily or just shoot... Youra guy... Your suposed to be afraid of niether. Your still afraid of the zombie arent you...

66- i LOVE that movie! one of the best of all time!

93, I'm not supposed to be scared of anything? What kinda 12th century crap is that? If zombies do invade, it's not going to be a scene from Shaun of the Dead, where you outrun a few zombies and head to the Winchester and wait for till the whole thing to blow over. It's the dead alive. I guarantee you mice will be the last thing on your mind during a zombie apocalypse.

Did you not hear me.... Ypu could get on with your life if there was an invasion... Slow.... They will fall apart before they reach the cemetary gates. Mice arent scary to me but they do scatch and ruin your stuff. I bet you could touch a zombie and it would become dust... And zombies are supposed to be a fictional being even though the thought ofit coming true might be unsettling mice are real... Oh and f u for the sexist comment on women... Ima girl and niether of those things freak me out

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Get Ratatouille to make you a sandwich

Rats are a lot more docile and caring. Mice can be aggressive little shitheads. -_-

When someone uses a technical term like ********, they have to be correct.

I deal with them everyday...they are idiots

he was watching over you in your sleep . c:

No one knows what ur saying! None of ur coments make sense!

Your face doesn't make sense. You obviously haven't been reading enough of ikickgingers' comments.

Although, I'm not certain what ikickgingers is saying in this ONE comment... Perhaps referring to the National Institute of Mental Health?

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28 - Secret of Nimh... Google it and stfu. :)

I wasn't meaning to be rude, I was just saying! Geez take a chill pill! :P live life!:)

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Well, then please don't pick on Kicky because she makes references you don't get. You get her in a bad mood and I don't get my ass pix. Please apologize and say something nice this time.