By Natalie - 02/03/2010 22:05 - Canada

Today, I discovered that my sister coloured in the pages of my college text books with Sharpie as revenge. FML
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We don't know what you did. I can't make a valid assessment of the situation.

what a jerk!!!!! dude I'm sorry


it was for REVENGE so u must have done smething. YDI

And your sister is how old? Wow. That sucks, OP. College books are not inexpensive, either. But I guess you can always get revenge on her by pulling the heads off of her Barbie dolls, or spreading a rumor about her having ghorrhea! :) FYL!

first you have to tell us what you did.

I said dat youz a ho HO

it's funny how the FML above this one got deleted

how did my comment get all the way down here!?

haha I love ur sis

woow.nice sister you got there.

Beat her ass!

karma is a Biach ain't it

slap her. I would.

dang is right, I pay like 300 dollars for one textbook :/

Man, I'm glad I don't have a little sister. Apparently, they color your textbooks with sharpie AND set your bed on fire.

yeah had to be something bad too :) maybe you should be more nice to your sis? YDI

I'm with #25. Y might DI. Did she just color in various pix? You might still be able to sell it back. They don't always check very well and if it doesn't cover any text it's no big deal.

lol ur sister knows where it hurts, watch yourself!

#31 ur soo prettyy I'm so jealouss

The books that I have sold back they didnt check the pages, I'd still try..

Guys, just to let you know, karma affects you in your next life, not your current one. So stop saying, "Karma's a bitch, ain't it?" when really, it doesn't even do anything yet. 

do people tell ur hot?

crazy sisters today

crazy sisters special LIVE exclusively on FML today

@14 Her sister could have just been extremely immature and freaked out over nothing. college books are expensive so she doesn't deserve to have to pay hundreds of dollars because of a fit with her sister. Some people just HAVE to say ydi to every single person because their misfortunes are somehow always there fault it's annoying.

Draw a huge penis on her face with sharpie.

Yes, it is very important to spell your STDs correctly. haha

that would suck. shave her eyebrows

Haha no kidding

Dude you never have sex with her best friend.


easy solution, EBAY!!!! lol you don't have to show them the pages. naw I'm just kidding don't trip on me

^^ i no huh lol

I got the impression that the little sister actually colored-in the entire page(s) of the textbook, to the point that it is impossible to read what's on it.

I once highlighted the text book of my ex with a black marker. Now I feel foolish of my immaturity and stupidity.

What's up with all these terrible sister FML's? Glad I don't have one.. I am the sister. Anyway just rip her eyes out and sell them on the black market. It'll be even. Right?

Apply to be on Judy Judy, and sue her for the cost of the book, would love to hear her side =)

@ 108 THANK YOU!

make her pay for them

at 185: i did too lol at 108: maybe this IS the next life >.> lol

213 there is always a next life until moksha so stop trying to act smart

This. Eyebrows take lots of time to grow again since nobody cuts them. Not like the head's hair.

at 108 that's the litteral Bhuddist meaning. that's the meaning from back in your day, today we have a new meaning

what a jerk!!!!! dude I'm sorry

smack a bitch

haha omg I was rotflmfao and ldacal so lololol and my bff were slgcehs and lmfao is jkqltms, and jk, is WTF lol. potato.

@afatmonky, WTF lol

haha. potato.

lol @109, potato?

@109 haha yeah thats the truth

LOL bitch though I kick her ass

Third Post. What did you do?

No kidding. OP, until I know what you did to inspire her revenge, I can't decide FYL or YDI.

she hooked up with her sisters boyfriend

i dont wanna be friends :D

that does stink btw third!!!

oh. wow. make her pay fot it. :)

yes. those aren't cheap

We don't know what you did. I can't make a valid assessment of the situation.

well it was revenge, so you did something to piss her off first. YDI

Saying what number your post is makes u look like a jerk when you time it wrong. And if I were you I would take her cell phone and "drop" it in the toilet. :)