By Discouraged - 31/05/2012 12:43 - United States - Rockville

Today, my little brother got his crush to go out with him by impressing her with his level 500 FarmVille. This is the next generation. FML
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The kid has to be like 10-12! There is NO way this works... If it does.... I'm going to start believing in eugenics.

Perhaps I should try this with my neopets account...

She's just using him to send her neon cows!

I can't wait til I live in a world where I can approach a woman and go, "Hey babe, I got a level 50 cleric in RIFT" and walk out with her on my arm.

I am a level 200 ice/lightning archmage. I am sure someone is impressed.

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I hope my call of duty rank impresses my crush to

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That is sad farmville is stupid and boring and your bro and his new gf/bf (whichever) are pretty retarded for thinking that's cool

"I have nothing better to do than playing farmville. Impressed?"

Reading that while looking at your profile pic makes it sound sarcastic In my head

Damn look at irony of ur comment and ur picture .... Its funny

Yeah even when I laugh it looks sarcastic. Lol

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Wait really OP??? *Boards first rocket off this doomed planet*

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I can tell you are a very handsome man by your picture @128

Wow... AYFKM PARTY!!!!! WOO (Are You F Kidding Me) Ps. When does the Narwhal bacon?

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I doubt it 2, the bro's new girlfriend is probably just a farm digger. Just as soon as as she she's that level 501 farm she'll be gone!

I'll have to get a one way ticket off this planet

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I'm getting a ship to Mars ready to go.

Or we can give all the people ruining today's world a one way ticket off this planet, that way the good people of society can stay.

But we'd better be quiet, or we could disturb Rumbleroar's sleeping cubs.

45- dnt we all wish that would happen. But I personally think that if we did ship them all off the world, we wouldn't have the enjoyment of watching their **** ups on fml.

76 - Get one of the people staying here to develop an Internet link with Mars so they can keep us rolling in FMLs. But this planet is in such an awful state I'm not even sure we should let the idiots leave. It wouldn't be fair on Mars.

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Sounds like someone's just jealous that they can't use that to get the ladies

I think he is just jealous because couldn't get any girls with his lvl 100 Pikachu at his brothers age. But seriously, his brother is a child and the priorities are different. Let him grow up, if tries rhis with 18 again, shoot him!

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Your corn stalks are so big!!

80- No. It should have been. Yeah, and now that I've got a hoe up in this joint. I can harvest those big melons.

"Yo, Yo, Yo. I got some benches, now hand me my hoe, ho."

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Omg so many farm neighbors! Oh are those strawberries? May I help you harvest those? ;)

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"Can you help me with it? It needs plowing."

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Can we end it here, please?

89- What can I say, you delivered it much better hah

Take comfort in the fact that they'll never reproduce.

Of course they will. When the relationship gets serious, I'm sure they will breed many a digital sheep together.

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No no. At some point they will take to the bedroom and awkwardly smash privates.

I can tell that when he has a midlife crisis, he's gonna buy a tractor instead of a ferrari.

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i noticed, i hope my ones in the future are better

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That's pretty funny, but It's also kind of sad that this is what the world is coming to.

It's not "the world", nor is it "this generation." There are stupid people in EVERY generation, that doesn't mean everyone in that age group is the same. At least THIS generation didn't make black people use separate bathrooms.

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The world has always seemed like that. Watch some 1950s rebellious teen motorcycle or gang movies. Notice how the parents there are convinced the younger generation is going to hell in a handbasket. Then think -- those teen rebels are your grandparents' generation.

Thank you, 71. Thank you. Not everyone is an idiot.