By Jake Whitte - 06/06/2011 13:50 - United States

Today, I changed the date of my birthday to today on Facebook to see how many people actually know my birthday. My mom wished me a happy birthday. FML
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A7X_LoVeee 10

Well duh. It was Facebook official.

WallyTheWombat 0

Why do people get upset when their attempts to fish for attention/compliments fail? Don't set yourself for disappointment if you can't handle it.


A7X_LoVeee 10

Well duh. It was Facebook official.

strizz18 0

happy birthday op

WallyTheWombat 0

Why do people get upset when their attempts to fish for attention/compliments fail? Don't set yourself for disappointment if you can't handle it.

Demand a gift. Then demand another one on your real birthday. She'll feel so guilty for forgetting your birthday date that she'll have to buy you twice. OP is a genius. Now he doesn't have to decide between MW3 and BF3.

You should get mad at your mother over her lack of mothering skills

imacreeper 3

She didn't forget. She just played along ;)

sxe_beast 11

I hope the OP's mother was JK. How does a woman forget the day of pushing out a giant fat ball of bloody screaming mucous out of her vagina after carrying it for nine-ish motnhs?

Maddoctor 10

I found this FML pretty funny because it's my actual birthday today.

JetLifeNextLife 0

91 happy birthday.....bitch

kate_13_beast 7

happy birthday :)

if u changed it to today then people wouldn't have been notified. dosnt it usually tell u at the beginning of the week not that day?

jmtmxer 0

91- no one cares sorry maybe you need to post an FML now....

jaidonsafira 0

You 18 yet? Giggity.

jaidonsafira 0

to 91 btw.

65 Why would you need to decide mw3 is gonna suck?

MW3 is gonna be the best game of the year.

At least she took the time to wish you a Happy Birthday... My grandparents always forget my mom's birthday. But why would you take that much time to get attention? >:|

96- No it tells you on the actual day of the persons birthday, not the week.

rebekahah 7

they are notified on the homepage on that day as well

warlockplayer19 5

cool story bro

Maddoctor 10

Thanks 93 and 100 for making me feel so loved by the FML community. I bet no one remembers your birthdays...that sucks.

Happy belated birthday! :D

Ydi cus you actually took the time to do that.

KiddNYC1O 20

You should take the time to read the FML comment's policy.

^^^ YDI *because you actually took the time to comment.

dear #2, you are an ass. :)

coolp3son 0

yaa that full 5 seconds

right back at ya 173

at least one person knows

wow retard you tried to be cool by adding comments to your post.

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

Lmfao. He wasn't trying to be cool, he realized his mistake and fixed it. I think.

Bubbelz 25

Nope, that was a lame attempt at sarcasm.

I think you're missing the point...

Jake_2013 0

Your mom was confused.

lilclare 0

maybe she's in the wolfpack just like you. there's no room for kids in the wolfpack.

jaidonsafira 0

But... the baby.


Carlos isn't a kid. If he's old enough to jack off at the table, he's old enough to be running with the wolfpack.

that's a rather lame stunt

alexg823 0

I wonder if she got him a present...

Seriously, 4. If OP is so insecure that he needs to test who remembers his birthday, he deserves it.

fudgeness 0


I can see the love... Can't you feel it???

giannanicole0656 0

haha yeah what love they share bahaha

oh I feel it ;-)wink wink

she probably wished u a happy birthday so you would feel bad for trying to make everyone look stupid...YDI

christinez13 0

Aww that sucks

haha , your mom has facebook? :p

thebestof1984 0

What's wrong with that? my 70 year old grandmother has one!!!

Dreamkiller51 5

11- you're just jealous that your mom doesn't have a Facebook, so FYL.

Grandma got a Facebook!!!

CateXOX 0

50- That song really sucks.

biancaschmitt994 0

your rude.

jesscarrr 10

72 - *you're

51 - that's your opinion, I really liked it cause the grandma in the video looks just like my grandma, who also has a Facebook, the similarities makes it hilarious

sabrinahusic 0

haha 23 your comments are hilarious.