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Today, I managed to convince the girl of my dreams to stop being so shy, and put herself out there to get her crush to make a move. It worked. And yet as it turns out, I'm not her crush after all. FML
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Maybe you should have taken some of your own advice and let her know you like her ?

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Here's the skinny from somebody who has "been there, done that", OP. Stop wasting your time trying to make girls make the move on you because if it works, it works great - However, if you get a really shy girl you'll develop far too much of a connection to her with your time invested than she has developed with you. This is ok if the feeling is mutual but if it's not you'll be completely crushed by somebody that shouldn't mean much to you in the first place. Instead, PUT YOURSELF out there and make the move quickly. . .If she turns you down no harm done to you, AND, the added bonus of you not caring so much because you have no time invested. Now, I'm not saying go out there and ask every girl out on the street out just because the word know isn't as devastating as you think but I am saying you can't go out there putting all your time and effort into girls based off silly assumptions.


I hope the mighty Sirin smites you, cause goddamnit you 'first!' shooters annoy me. is it that much of an accomplishment for you? Seriously? Jeez, you must love sticking cacti up your ass.

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"The mighty Sirin"? WTF is that bs?

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A++++ on the cacti enema remark js

Yo, please stay on-topic with the ghost's comment, sirEBC.

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Yes, my lord. *Bows down to the almighty Sirin*

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just some dumbass that gives the worst suggestions that work againt them

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Next time, leave hints such as "Don't be shy, me and you can goto the movies".

3, there's a floating smile in your profile pic? is that a photo mishap or are you dating Wesley Snipes? reaction to 49 comment and I'm gonna continue hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagagagagagagagagagahahahahahah

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op, don't be an asshole. flirt with her and ask her out. don't assume you're the perfect ******* dude. go to the movies, take her out to lunch, carpool, walk to school together, give her a ride to somewhere if she needs to go somewhere. seems that you're the shy person here, op

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Chill out 94! It's terrible reading comments like that. If you're going to give advice at least make it positive. I'm sure he knows he's not the guy she likes probably because she went for someone else and told him about it? It doesn't mean he doesn't know just cause he didn't mention it.

An idiot that dud not have the courage to ask her out

Yeah, but OP shouldn't assume that she likes you without being certain. she was probably his good friend and he took the wrong signs...

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I know that didn't make any since but oh well

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okay, here we go again: sausage over bacon?

nah, yours was okay, the ? made it look like you werent sure, so yours didnt really look stupid, 67s had a ! in his, so he was pretty sure it was a good one. but it wasn't... its all in the puncuation XD

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bitches over itches? dollars over ballers? **** over zits!!!! jiggly over wiggly!!!!!!!!!

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xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

Iraqi people over U.S.A. citizens... Wait a minute..

i really do hope that you are being sarcastic.

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taco,burrito, whatcha got in that spedo!

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105 WIN!!! wait a minute.....LOL!!!!

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This is making me hungry.. haha.

Nuts over *****, Hanks over skanks, dudes over moods.

is it weird that this conversation gave me a boner?

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this conversation is over... my expectations?

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I've never laughed so hard in my life! best convo EVER! >XD

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This was an awesome thread! :)

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Look at the monster I started. -_-

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no one do the C-C-C-OMBO BREAKER! save them for me! D;

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That sucks... oh well. Crushes are crushes. Maybe she'll get over him...:)

aww it's okay OP there are plenty of other fish in the sea..... CHEESY!!


maybe its because you have a scrawney but. HULK SMASH!!

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great song by 8ball&MJG bro. good song. now, back to OP. this usually happens when a girl ***** around. we don't know the boyfriends side of the story. she coulda ****** his brother for all we know. and, maybe he'd calm down if you well.. "persuaded" him to relax.

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Actually mine's from Noah and the Whale 93 - I just listened that song so thats why

oh my. mods, my comment was meant for a different fml. please remove these two comments? thank you.

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Awwww ): it's ok *opens arms wide* do u need a hug? (: