By LtlCheeseburger - 31/05/2012 18:15 - United Kingdom - Derby

Today, I was shopping, and tried on a skirt that was a size smaller than usual, thinking that I would fit in. Not only did it not fit, neither I nor the sales assistant could get it off me, because the zip got stuck. She had to cut me out of it. FML
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aruam365 24

There's no way that's 1 size down, unless you're wearing too tight of clothing to begin with.


I'm sure that's one shop OP may never return to...

aruam365 24

There's no way that's 1 size down, unless you're wearing too tight of clothing to begin with.

xoconnie 8
Llamacod 11

nope, its part of risks of having a business. kind of like the "you break it, you buy it" notice in stores, at least in the state that I live in

syley 5

44) Have you seen the clothes girls wear today, wouldn't be surprised if she is already wearing clothes too tight for her.

I feel like OP wrestled the skirt on before it made it to her waist. Which, at least you would think, would suggest that it did not fit.

Its how girls know what fits or not now days. If its so tight it has to be cut off, go one size up.

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tjv3 10

Why did you continue the process of putting it on? There is a point that you really know its not gonna fit. Why go past that point?

44 - Different stores/brands have different fits. Sometimes a brand might make clothes that run a bit smaller or larger than 'typical' sizes, so the OP might not necessarily be wearing clothes that are too tight.

Different stores have different sizes, but for it to get stuck to the point of not coming off, she would had a hard time getting it around her knees. Now, why would you proceed to zip and button up, when you are obviously too big?

alshygirl 14

Size is just a number. There's no need to squeeze yourself into a smaller, less flattering size.

I think people aren't understanding that the zipper got stuck, or what that means. Maybe it was a BIT of a squeeze, but not something that she absolutely struggled to get on. A zipper getting stuck can make it hard to get out of something that IS your size. God knows it's happened to me.

ChronicBluntz420 7

When fat people try to fit into a size 2.

No harm in trying different clothes, sizes etc... But this... Clothes-1, You-0? Perhaps? XD

I reckon the scissors won. Scissors always win, unless they get jumped by a rock. Damn rock thugs...

No harm, how about know your size and stick to it

I suppose you could call this a.... "fitting" tale! YYEEEEAAHHH :D

If she had to pay for it, it would be Store-1 OP-0 ????

12- Nah man, you got it all wrong. Us rocks... we have a score to settle with the scissors. We, as a people were at peace with paper, until those retched scissors ruined everything. They destroyed paper civilians, cleverly disguised as rocks. They began the great War.

I tried the same thing with some shirts a few weeks ago. Nice try, though

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82 - What's your issue? Your rude and seemingly pointless comment just put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. -.-'

Why would you think you could fit in it if it is a size smaller? YDI.

citymayer 7

I want to know how she even got into the skirt!!

Sonfang 19

Maybe OP was dieting and thought they had lost weight?

She said the zipper got stuck. I'm sure there's plenty of clothes in my size that I couldn't get out of if the zipper got stuck.

Never underestimate ur size... I've learnt it the hard way... Guess OP did too...

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tony1891 22

I think you should stick to your size next time.

I'm not gonna lie, I thumbed you up for Jenna. :D

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Aw, man! That sucks! Hopefully the sales lady understood... Fyl

And pulling it up around the thighs didn't suggest that it would not fit? LtlCheeseburger? More like a Big Mac I think. FYL anyway.

egc573 40

I thought that too. Usually you can tell what's going to happen before the zipper even goes up. If one size down was that tight on the OP, though, I have a feeling that she's just squeezing herself into the bigger size, and SAYING that it fits. Which must be just so attractive to look at...

TheDrifter 23

Muffin top so big the roll hides her belt?