By Ugly - 08/03/2009 08:47 - United States

Today, I was looking at some comments on a silly YouTube video of me dancing with some friends. Someone posted a comment saying "Girl on the right is hot!!!." Next to that, it had about 31 thumbs down. I'm the girl on the right. FML
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aww that sucks, but... look on the positive side, before all the thubs down someone had complimented you,

At least one person thinks you're hot?


aww that sucks, but... look on the positive side, before all the thubs down someone had complimented you,

I call BS, personal videos rarely get that much views and I don't think 31 person would thumb down on a vid like that

IPityTheFool 0

it's possible to get 31 thumbs Down?!? you must be so hideous Jesus cried

darebear331 4

Im sorry but you say dont bring religion into it but your pic is a snickers ad with Jesus being crusified on it. I dont think u care that much about religion.

What's the link to the video? Let us all decide if your life is really f***ed or not?

how many thumbs up. i'll give you a thumbs up! lolz

I'm kind of curious to see the video, but don't take their rating too harshly... It's Youtube, and the internet, afterall. You can't take the internet too seriously. Besides, that's only 31 people out of 6,000,000,000 people in the world -- right?

twilax101 0

... so? its just a couple of strangers.

shantoyamuchluv 0

YouTube comments are a breeding ground for the lowest scum humanity has to offer; I really wouldn't worry too much about what 31 fat acne-ridden 30 year-olds who live in their mom's basement think. Some people give thumbs down just to give thumbs down.

nubbles10 13

Actually, as someone who used to take interest in web traffic, I can tell you that at least 80% of youtube users are between the ages of 10-18, with the rest scattered, and especially with videogames, and just videos of teens messing around, unless the video is Very popular most of the viewers are going to be in their teens. Adults seem to have better things to do.

diediedie 0

dude that sucks but people on youtube are probably jealous and are looking for people to talk shit on.

carriealana 0

I don't know how old you are, but if you're like 12 then they probably just downvoted it because it seemed pervy.

Silentknight 0

agreed. my first thought is that the guy's comment got thumbed down because it's slightly rude. realize that the rating on his comment is a direct reflection on him; it's no necessarily a reflection on the OP. if someone commented "i like Nazis" and got thumbed down, it means no one likes their comment, not that the origional content is bad.