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Get off your ass

Today, my boss told me I have to start work 4 hours early tomorrow, because that my coworker, who happens to be his son, will not be coming in because he's "too tired". I work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week without complaining. His son works two 4-hour shifts a week. FML
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  knight2109  |  12

I feel like a comment like this one would have to be said in a sarcastic manner, because its something I myself would say. But alas something is lost in the transition from speech to text.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

36, it was pretty obvious sarcasm. If you're not bright enough to tell when people are using sarcasm unless they specifically let you know, that's more of a you issue.

  Idiotskillme  |  20

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that his son is lazy. Two 4-hour shifts per week seems like a part time job that someone at school would get, which would explain why he may be tired. It is unfair that OP has to take up the time that the son isn't covering, though. The fault lies in OP's boss for adding to her already hectic schedule when someone with not as many hours could've done it instead.

  epeeftw  |  15

#6 never said it isn't important. #6 said that the OP's health is /as/ important. Please read the comment fully before you get so offended by it.

By  haiku575  |  22

Wow, sounds like that boss sure chooses favourites. Bosses seriously need to be more equal about employees in the workplace, no matter their relation to each other.

  Anti_Sora  |  31

29, not exactly my dad made me a janitor for a while and try to get a degree in business before he even thought of owning his company I'm his tech at the moment.