By yoggabe - 18/08/2012 20:34 - Mexico - Villahermosa

Today, I found out that my six year old cousin has a raging crush on my boyfriend. She lives across the street and watches from her window for his car to appear in front of my house. She's indicated that she'll stop at nothing until he's hers. FML
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Does your boyfriend by chance have a sibling closer to her age? Maybe it would get her on a different course.


Anyone think that this would be a pedobear's dream?

I think everyone at some point has had a crush on a family members boyfriend or girlfriend. I had a crush on my sisters boyfriend when I was 5.

Or she will stop at nothing until she gets him. Gosh... Can't you read?

20- But were you as dedicated as OP's darling cousin? :-O

I know a six-year old who'll stop at nothing to become a butterfly when she grows up.

Lucia- are you stoopid? Everyone knows you have to transform into a caterpillar first.

No, because they broke up a few weeks later. It must have been that thing almost everyone has about wanting something they can't have #20

#1 - Clearly you've never met a very determined six-year-old. Mine doesn't forget, get over, or let go of anything unless she gets her way, or gets in trouble for it. FYL OP, but at least there's no real competition there (I hope... otherwise, get the hell out of Dodge! lol).

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Oh god this almost sounds like my little sister and my boyfriend. She's 7 and it's disgusting how she talks.

I can't imagine how 7 year olds talk now

Um no xlord it's perfectly normal for a girl to turn into a butterfly

Maybe not! I have the reverse problem of my older brother's friend having a crush on me and he's a senior in highschool

That is how they are about justin beaver and One Direction. I am tired of little kids thinking they love someone or even used the word love not even in an attractive way.

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154 - I actually don't know any directioners under 13.

Suaria 38

Well I've never had a crush on any of my brother's girlfriends. Then again I'm straight, and I'm a girl. Nor have I ever had a crush on any of his friends. But my 5 year old sister has had crushes on my brother's friends. Of course nothing would come out of it because his friends are 19.

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Lmao that competition though.

blcksocks 19

The "soon..." meme would be perfect here

Sounds like the same type of little girl that's all like "0mG I luvv JuStin Bbr!" and has posters and pink items all over her room.

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Let's just hope her boyfriend doesn't have a thing for 6 year olds & was just using his girlfriend to get to her cousin.

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She's to young for you bro!!

50 - what's wrong with posters and pink stuff for a young girl?

ArielTheMermaid 17

Aw that sounds cute. She's only 6, OP, so she'll get over it. When I was younger I had a huge crush on my brother's friend. But I grew up and it passed

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Right, this should so be on Jerry Springer. Sarcasm

klovemachine 24

Jerry Springer. His show consisted of kissing cousins, family orgies, trashy people, and other weird stuff :D

For some weird reason, this put the funny thought of OP being on Jerry Springer claiming her boyfriend got her six-year-old cousin pregnant.

I would assume he meant Jerry Sandusky from Penn State...ya know, the pedophile. I feel like that makes more sense than Jerry Springer...

75- Don't be silly... That is more of a Maury theme

I thought 3 was talking about a kid that went to my school. I'm totally lost now.

Does your boyfriend by chance have a sibling closer to her age? Maybe it would get her on a different course.

lolololer 8

that would be an adorable double date!

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And, 84, what is wrong with lesbians? I happen to be a straight-ally and I say you should be too! Don't be rude to the whole LGBT community like that! They deserve to be happy too!

134- he didn't say anything against lesbians, the 6 year old appears to be straight (wanting the boyfriend) unless she is bisexual which I doubt a 6 year old would even understand at that age.

Suaria 38

That is actually not true. There was actually a woman who posts for the huntingtonpost that said her seven year old son has identified himself as gay. So they are able to understand it, but not neccessarily come out.

Oh my..good luck breaking the news it'll never happen

OP just needs to get her boyfriend to reject her. In the nicest way possible of course.

Or just ignore it, the kid will lose interest.

So adorable! But I can imagine it being pretty annoying :/

Yea it does get annoying. Very annoying. Very fast. And this is from the guys perspective. Little kids can be annoying because they don't fully understand what they are actually doing or want to do.

She's 6. She should lose interest soon. Should.

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Determination. It gets you places.

How? I never knew having a crush on someone would land me in jail.

Just think, in 10 years when your married and expecting your first child, he'll actually be expecting 2.

***Notice*** Keeping grammar trolls at bay by acknowledging my phone doesn't properly punctuate "you're" in proper context. So I realize the first "your" should be "you're". Sorry if I ruined your day by pointing this out before you did, and took away the chance to show everyone how smart you are :)

klovemachine 24

A reference to an earlier FML...priceless :)

This sounds like a FML recently confirmed. Lol

Oh god, they'd be second cousins and half siblings to each other .-.