By phonesage - 13/12/2010 20:29 - United States

Today, I went to meet the girl I'd been talking to online for a while, and fallen in love with. When I arrived at her house, my brother answered the door and took a picture of my shocked face. He and his girlfriend had planned the entire thing because I'm apparently the most gullible member of the family. FML
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Ninjafriends 1

Let's hope you didn't fap to this "girl"


Tequila_Hilton 3

YDI. for not going out in the world and sitting on the comp all day.

Cheekylozza 3

aww, that was a harsh thing from your brother /: Also, you've never seen pictures of his girlfriend or known that he has one..

MrFerret 0

You should have smashed their comp, and took a dump in the toaster on full blast. Then walk out casually.

0opsie 6

Wow... I think... I think I'm in love with OP. Yes! Yes! That's what this feeling is! It's true love! I'm commin' to your house, OP! I'll be in your yard, serenading you outside your window.

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Ha, 50 made me laugh, a rarity these days

Just punch your brother in the balls. Hard. and punch his girlfriend in the tit. Hard. :D

omgwork 0

number 74 in your comment (at the end) that's how your gonna look when your sucking your brothers nuts ( if you punched him)

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in this case, **** Family!!! lol :D

Alpha35 4

tell your mom on him. shell give him a good scolding and then make him give her to you.

mrmerino 0

well, it's not like he's playing WoW all day, he's at least trying to meet people

iSitt 0

they are evil for intentionally breaking someone's heart just for lulz.

'fallen in love with' really? you don't fall in love over the Internet, you twat >_<

Wow, what's with all these people being so judgmental. Just because a person meets someone on the Internet doesn't mean it's not "real" nor does it mean they spend all day on the computer and have no life. Something like 1 in 5 relationships start on the Internet these days, which is why dating sites thrive. Also, starting a relationship on the Internet has no higher or lower failure rate than meeting and dating people in real life. On a personal anecdote, I've known two couples that fell in love via the Internet, one that met through a game and another that met through a forum, that met in real life and were later married.

SilenceIsSilver 0

Wow OP, your brothers a dick. Which is exactly where you should've kicked him.

Based on a lot of the FML submissions, everyone sleeps with everyone's brothers, sisters, cousins, in-laws, best friends' spouses, cows, earthworms, green slimy aliens, and pendatik.

Hm, good point :) But for someone outside a family to do this I assume they've been together for a while now. I mean, jokes like this just aren't appropriate while being new to a family :')

Seriously KaySL, how does Sirin not ban your ass on a daily basis? You have a major hard-on for that chick. Er, mod.

KingDingALing 9

Am I the only one getting turned on here?

I already jizzed myself 5 times from reading that comment, so no.

Sounds like a 4chan porno. Except Kay's a guy and Sirin is a troll.

zp5 4

oh you're in for it now, OnlyAvailableID.

May I interrupt my raping/killing to say that commenting us ******** me on the iPod? Okay, you can return to the previously planned torture.

generalasskicker 12

Well sometimes when my siblings are dating someone I don’t know the house. You never know

kofinater 3

You have to be pretty gullible to "love" someone over the internet.

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Ninjafriends 1

Let's hope you didn't fap to this "girl"

YDI for falling in love over the internet.

Don't knock it until you've tried it. Love moves in mysterious ways.

How does that possibly pan out... Did you stick up a shit-ton of identifying info so anyone who knows you could look it up?