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Today, to avoid looking like a loser in front of his friends who all have girlfriends, my brother made up a perfect relationship. He asked me to give him a hickey in exchange for 50 euros. Our parents walked in on us. FML
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If he has that much money to throw around tell him to just buy a girlfriend.....

Rei_Ayanami 18

I agree, it is a bit too far out there, even for the French.

i say old chap that quite literally sucks

rino1 2

How far would 100 euros got him?

#90 she might have gone all the way for 100.....

Pull a secret service and refuse to pay

WaylonD 4

How do you know op os not his brother? 0_o

Just guessing here, but it might be because it says woman next to OPs name.

In situations like this it's better to be the unhelpful sister.

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How much American money is 50£

Use a vaccum cleaner and some water lol

#175 OP said Euro, you used the Great British Pound sign (£), you were looking for the Euro sign (€ - Ctrl + Alt + 4 - for me.) That said 50 Euros as of now is worth 65.65USD (65 bucks and 65 cents). Btw you could have Google'd it.

175: Today 50 Euros is about $66 American. (No comment on the fact that you asked about 50 Pounds...) So the OP gave her brother a hickey for $66... At that rate 75€ should get him boob.

xCrazyMexican 4

That is just gross, hickey is a symbol of sexual/romantic contact between two people and getting that from your sister is disgusting. He should've payed someone else to do it

I don't know what's worse; the fact that he payed her to do it, or that fact that she was actually GOING to do it.

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Well the say "Incest is best ask your sister and she' ll do the rest" Wasn't it creepy sucking on your brother's neck? You two probably traumatized your parents for life

Wouldn't a vacuum work? Oh looks like its already been said.

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Think about that a vacuum would form a perfect circle... You'd be able to tell its fake.

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133- because he said OUR parents

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First: that's disturbing, second: he should of payed someone else OTHER THAN HIS SISTER, and third: if my brother ever asked that, I would take the money, punch him in the face for asking and do the "pinch and twist (fake hickey)" that the desperate retards used to do in elementary. Problem solved.

Incest is the best, put your sister to the test! :D

That's probably all that is needed to hear, 2

I wanna know what OP's parents said lol

At least he didn't want lipstick around his waist

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Remind me, at what point did you think that was a good idea?

That's when you say "he's paying me €50!" and run out crying

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Next time just hand him the vaccume..

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Thought the same damn thing!

Did she put some lipstick on your dipstick too? #wincest

167 so your brother used you as a prostitute?

319, when you reply to someone else's comment, it's usually helpful to read the FML first

Awkward family situation that one...definitely deserved it though

Should have just used a vacuum cleaner. It actually works really well if you use the right nozzle.

Hmmmm... A prostitute daughter and a pimp son.. First class parenting.

You must have really liked your brothers neck to suck him off...I mean give him a hickie

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and you know damn well OPs brother was enjoying it

Well, it's because of the rebel flag picture. Kinda fits.

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I'll probably be thumbed down for this, but sucking on someone's neck is not sexual if you're not attracted to them. Would a guy say he got to second base with a bully after the bully twisted his nipples to give him a "purple nurple"? The FML here would be the parents walking in, or OP actually taking 50 Euros to do that. But I wouldn't call it incest. I'd say the brother is definitely a desperate loser, though lol. That's pretty wack to feel the need to impress your "friends" that bad.

You know what they say... Vice is nice, but incest is the best.

F confederate flags. Bigotry is for the ignorant.

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You have something wrong with your mind. You might want to go get that checked.

She was obviously joking while using sarcasm.

HairyPunisher 27

Yeah Tswift. Llama cracked a really really REALLY bad joke but it was clearly sarcastic, she wasn't serious.

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55 - I am legitimately schizophrenic, so be quiet. I made a joke, not to be taken seriously. We can't all be funny all the time.

I don't think that was serious. Hope not anyway.

Incest anyone? You deserve it for trying to help your brother. There are some things that a brother and a sister should not do and you stumbled upon one of them.

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I think the most important questions here is where did he want the hickey? Lol.

215- that's what I was thinking as I read the FML. Lol this one made me laugh.

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294- pls tell me you know the difference between where and why.

I wonder what they said! Btw 50€ for a hickey... You can probably make a living with that... Just make sure he stays single for a long time! :)

I couldn't help but notice you are portugal(unless your profile is wrong). Do you know how much 50 euros is in US dollars? I'm American.

Speaking of ignorant it might help if you learn to spell know. Next time think before commenting dumbass. Also it's can't not keep.

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157- uh 50£ might be around $100... 50€ is about $66. Big difference between pounds and euro.

I am idd from Portugal, and the awnser u were looking for, someone already gave it! :)

Eh, as a rule of thumb, your dollar amount is usually about 50% more than your euro amount. So if you have 50€, you will get somewhere around $75 dollars. Of course, that's when the exchange rate is really good - which happens about every other blue moon. Whenever my dad started sending me money from Germany, that's how much it was. By now it's less.

Ahhh... Nothing like the love between siblings

I don't know about you, but I'm Glad my siblings don't give me that kind of love!

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