By Hunterxx - 07/08/2010 05:21 - United States

Today, my husband thought it'd be funny to trigger the alarm in the house while I was sleeping. Shocked, I ran outside naked. FML
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Well, that's a bit stupid.

stfu atticuz anyone who hasn't slept naked is missing out on something amazing.


Well, that's a bit stupid.

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stfu atticuz anyone who hasn't slept naked is missing out on something amazing.

hah. was it at night O.o and umm i hope ur no fatty or eww! D: mental picture!!


how bout I lay these nuts softly on your lips.....and then PUNCH EM into your mouth

he's right u prob just wanted to show ur bod and it's prob sick nasty

u lil slut lol

YDI for sleeping!!

53 your a dick. she was probably sleeping naked for her husband.

who sleeps naked?!

wow that sucks

73, people who sleep naked. durrrr...

I've read that sleeping naked is healthier.

why are so many surprised that people sleep naked.? i don't, but i don't blame them cause it feels good. xD

" I don't want tight elastic squeezing on my ass while I sleep " -what movie??

sleeping naked makes you feel so... so... FREE.

YDI for your husband thinking it'd be funny to trigger the alarm in the house while you were sleeping. Shocked, you ran outside naked.

82-Drillbit Taylor? hahaha

ydi for sleeping naked, no offense for ppl that sleep naked or live in miami

true. (: it's comfy. (:

Hmmm, part of this fml was chopped off my the mods. Y can't they just let things be?

I haven't slept naked since the morning my step-sister came in to wake me up. I must have been having an interesting dream at the time if you you know what I mean ;)

skroal im gonna shove an alarm up ur ass

125 - STFU no one cares what you think about skroal

FYL. You don't deserve it, he does...

ya. any type of problems caused by a prank you devised: you deserve it!

her husband devised the prank. she was just the nude victim...

Um.. you sleep naked?

Umm... yeah I got nothin.

it was his fault, what a dumbass

why where you naked in the first place .... ?

some people like to sleep naked.

This is why I don't sleep naked!

aha' not only does your husband have jealousy issues, hes a douche! congratulations you married wisely!

your husband is one big dickhead

agree with #4 and so what, you didnt have sex with them now did you? you didnt show them your body on purpose.

Since when did the wording of this FML change? +"My husband now won't speak to me, because I showed my body to other men."

Uranus ur pic siriously looks like ur picking Uranus !!!

yup she is in there deep!

Hehe, I wonder what her reply will be. xD

yup, shes digging.

OMG that's frickin nasty

dats dirty Uranus....-_-

take a naked picture of him, post it online, and then don't talk to him for "showing his body to other women" same shit lol.

actually its not even close but if u wanna be wrong thats fine

yeah it would be the same thing cause it would be a prank which results in nudity and the planner of the scheme not speaking to the victim for consequences they brought upon themself.