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Today, at work, my phone kept crashing. Without thinking, I announced that it was having a seizure. Who did I announce this to? My boss. Who also happens to have epilepsy. FML
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Oh my said "seizure" in front of someone with epilepsy? You're a terrible person! You should be beaten for that! Oh wait, that's insensitive to people who have been beaten. My apologies. I meant to say that you suck! No, that's insensitive to people who can't afford a vacuum. What I meant was, how could you be so stupid? Wait wait, that's insensitive to stupid people... See where I'm going with this, people? If you weren't so goddamned sensitive about every little thing wrong with you, people wouldn't have to worry so much about offending you. I'm not perfect at all, but I've learned to laugh at my own inadequacies and errors. Ultimately I'm happier and so is everyone around me.

I dunno, I don't think that's really offensive, he must've known you weren't being malicious or anything. I have a heart condition and if someone told me they were having a heart attck in a similar sentence I wouldn't care, I doubt I'd even really register it as possibly offensive. Some phrases are, like saying your phone is 'being a spaz', but I don't think what OP said is anything bad. It's not derogatory.


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Should've been more careful!

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Yup. Epilepsy is a ******* bitch. I'm sure that everyone would enjoy taking 4,000mgs of medicine every ******* day of their life. No, fail. Epilepsy sucks.

They probably were being careful! I know my brain will troll me sometimes and say shit I'm not supposes to say because I'm constantly thinking about not saying it.

It sounds like you told your problems to the only dude that will actually understand what's going on. Good show!

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1, I thumbed you up for using 'should've' correctly.

Your picture fits perfectly because of what happened in that episode.

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OP should be more careful? It was a mistake. I have a friend who's an epileptic as well and also "typppzz like diz." Once when we were texting I accidentally wrote "it looks like your keyboards having a seizure." Thankfully, she dismissed it, but c'mon, everyone's caught up in their own problems these days to remember others & their problems :P

Oh god I'm sure your his favorite now

You narrowly avoided Death by Grammar Nazi there.

The "hahah" was sarcasm. I just saved you from stupid people who don't understand what is sarcastic and what is not!

Hah yeah I realized at the last second, that was close

I'm editing out my comment from before (#17) because it posted twice for some reason. My bad.

I've pretty much been using sarcastic replies ever since I started commenting but people really need to calm down here

well now your boss knows you were using your phone instead of working.

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I don't think that's really the point of the post...

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that's the point of the comment

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16- I'd love to prove you wrong here, but because you don't have a sense of humor, that's going to be a bit hard.

Couldn't it have been the office phone at OP's work?

well great, now i look like an asshole for assuming!

OP that's an offensive saying to some people. Be careful about what you say in public, or else it could bite you in the butt like it did here.

I agree. Some people need to be more aware of who and what is around them. OP's boss was probably quite offended.

I guess I don't get what is offensive since there was meanness meant behind it. I'm bipolar and OCD and don't get offended when people do the I'm OCD or bipolar jokes because of something that just happened. And there is still more of a stigma with mental illness then there is epilepsy. People need to stop being so thin skinned about certain things.

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Thank you 38! The only time I feel someone should get offended in a situation like that is when the other person is being serious.

Mmm, I don't know. Saying 'seizure' around someone with epilepsy is like saying 'retarded' around someone with down syndrome.. Or you could say 'gay' and someone could be homosexual. Serious or not, it can still be offensive.

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Hmmm...I'm epileptic and that wouldn't even come close to offending me or any of my epileptic friends.

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57- I'm with you, I have epilepsy too and I have never met another epileptic that would get offended over something like that.

49 then using that train of thought when a normie gets hyper and claims they are manic, shouldn't I be offended? Of if they wash their hands and say I'm being OCD? I've been in both situations many times. Neither have offended me. These conditions, all that you listed, the ones I did are what people have, not who they are. It doesn't change the core of the person and shouldn't define them. And for the record I have a homosexual friend who often calls things gay. Slang can be stupid and sometimes immature. There was just a day that people were offended by intent and not words, and I don't know about others, I miss that time. The political correctness is out of hand as docbastard nicely demonstrated with his comment. Oh and people call me crazy and mental all the time playing around with me. My normal reply is yeah and I got the meds to prove it. No, I'm not crazy, but I'm not going to waste my time or energy getting offended over a joke. Even if the joke is a bit insensitive. And I do spend a lot of my spare time trying to promote education and get rid stigmas that mi can carry with it.

I agree, but if it's not offensive to you, then you shouldn't say anything because the odds are that it's not offensive to the people you are speaking for.

#62. I agree that saying something like OCD or seizure wouldn't be offending. However, when someone says "that is retarded/gay", it can be offending. Saying seizure or OCD isn't as bad. When saying your retarded, you are tyrying to insult someone by claiming them to be something that many people are, as well as homosexuality. When saying seizure, your are not insulting anything, you are simply describing an action, as well as OCD.

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I also have epilespy and would have found that funny...... If you cant laugh at urself for haveing epilespy then it just bothers you and thats no fun

Yeah I`m sorry but saying 'I`m offended by that' means nothing if there was no intent. It just means that you need to get over yourself. I'm offended by the X-factor but I dont see anyone rallying around to get it off the air. I`m massively offended by the music of U2, Nickleback, Shinedown and Rebecca Black but do you see anyone trying to get it banned? Nope. So basically put, if you are so sensetive to be offended by little things like what the OP said, you shouldnt be out of doors. Stay in with your tinfoil hat on and whatever you do, dont watch TV.

Explain and he will understand you weren't trying to make fun of him.

People not to stop being so damn sensitive. It's a figure a speech that being used JOKINGLY. It's not like you wish a seizure upon your boss and then found out he has epilepsy. That woulda been bad

19 exactly my point you just said it more direct

I dunno, I don't think that's really offensive, he must've known you weren't being malicious or anything. I have a heart condition and if someone told me they were having a heart attck in a similar sentence I wouldn't care, I doubt I'd even really register it as possibly offensive. Some phrases are, like saying your phone is 'being a spaz', but I don't think what OP said is anything bad. It's not derogatory.

I have (mild) OCD but I do not mind people calling their things or friends OCD. The world would be a better place if people were not so sensitive.

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Way to go, genius! I have epilepsy too. Who says that anyway?? You deserve this, totally! Lol, terrible.

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Adding to my comment, in other words, watch what you say op, people may take offense to it...

My sister has it too, but she has said herself to my mom who was flipping out "don't have a seizure over it". I understand what you mean though.

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Why didn't you just say that your phone was crashing? Be careful what you say next time.

but... but... what if someone had just been in a car crash? I would stick with dieing. safest.

but then you would offend everyone because EVERYONE dies!

This is the same situation as saying something is "retarded," and then the person has a relative/friend/is retarded and you're screwed.

One of my friends says "That's so retarded" all the time. I have a mentally and physically handicapped aunt and have told him this. :/