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Today, I was calling my cable company to tell me how to fix my internet. I stayed on hold for almost half an hour, and then when someone finally picked up, my phone died. FML
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you can't put the symptoms into google if you don't have an internet connection..

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so plug your phone in next time. (assuming it was your cell)


#1 posts always suck. They are always written by people who frantically type the first thing that comes to their mind, desperately trying to get the first comment in.

no, not always. remember redbluegreens post on this fml of a guy, dumped by his bf, because he couldn't remember the amount of days they where a couple? it was the first post and it coukd have ended there, because she said it all

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Why do you guys care so much? OH_NOT_AGAIN isn't a troll, and he's not saying anything to get people angry. I don't see what the big deal is. @ OP-That kind of sucks, but shouldn't you be able to recharge it?

They care because the only thing they have in their lives in trying to be first on here, so when they dont get it they have to make fun of and/or bitch at the first poster. For me, i find the comments more entertaining than the actuall FML, because you have the idiots with no lives argueing about absolutely nothing. Usually brings a smile to my face in the morning :)

Couldn't agree more with #31 The little bitch-fights that people have over the whole "First!" thing are just ridiculous.

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@ 12 maybe if u stop commenting on things other than the FML that just makes ur comment just as bad as #1s. and this comment makes mine as bad as urs and #1s but this is just 1 time um sure u do it all the time

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You deserve it- use a landline phone. It's cheaper and it won't die.

Boo-*******-hoo, this happens to me once a week

happend to me once too. and i called them and waited for 2 hours. then i had to talk to this stupid indian dude. who knew nothing about computers. he was like " is you modem on?" i was like wtf do you think. then i got board and hung up. 10 min later it magically worked.

You probably would not have understood them anyway, it's alright. ;p

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sounds like someone is trying to tell you "get off your ass and learn something about computer networks instead of calling the guy" lol ydi for being lazy.

By calling the guy, that's how he learns, dumbass.

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it's called put the symptoms into google

you can't put the symptoms into google if you don't have an internet connection..

This is why your life sucks, kill yourself.

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dude u no ppl take this serious sometimes a$$ wipe y dnt u 4 being a F|_|cking annoying bi+ch

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so plug your phone in next time. (assuming it was your cell)

Didn't your phone beep to signal your battery was low? Either way, like what #10 said, you should have plugged it in.

company hotlines takes way too much time to anwser, so yes, FYL. #2 you're an ass, they have to ask you those questions because it's protocol. And sometimes customers are morons