By Zinfandel - 07/08/2010 06:04 - United States

Today, I decided to clear up some storm damage. I carefully cut a tree that was threatening to fall on my house. It fell on my neighbor's house instead. He's taking me to court for damages. FML
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Maybe leave that to the people who know what they're doing?

why does he have to take you to court? why can't you just agree to pay for the damages?


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How does OP deserve that?!! Stupid trees and gravity...♥

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well obviously. that's a given.

Alas, your cunning plan to kill your neighbor has failed...

PimpdaddyCJT 13

wow that sucks at least it didn't fall on ur house :/

too bad you're not in Louisiana. Napoleonic code states that if a tree falls on a house, it's the homeowner's responsibility; regardless if its the neighbor's tree or not. I know from experience.

YDI for taking responsibility for something that wasn't your job to do.

FunnyWeasel 7

this is a fml for your neighbor. at least it wasn't your house, that would have sucked

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aww, i thought selena was going to say something funnier. xD just tell them there were some, afterwinds.? hahaha, you got this. :D

it's funny because you were trying to prevent the tree from falling on your house but it fell on your neighbors and you got sued

Legonut, shut up, you are not cool. And we don't need to know that "it's funny because". Don't act like a little kid. And why the hell is this in love?

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25- would that still apply considering OP actually had an influence over wherethe tree fell, intentionally or not?

both of you should have homeowners insurance. if not, you definitely deserve it.

YDI for deciding to clear up some storm damage. You carefully cut a tree that was threatening to fall on your house. It fell on your neighbor's house instead. He's taking you to court for damages.

53 - I guess it's not applicable if you directly influence the fall of the tree. it'll be for the courts to decide. OP is screwed

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YDI for letting gravity get in your way.

no you don't, 43. you hire a contractor to do it, so if the tree falls on your neighbours house, the contractor gets taken to court, and not you

49- trolled hard. now shut the **** up and enjoy dry humour.

27 just stated that she's that one bitch at the lunch table who argues about picking something up because she "didn't do it"

ydi for cutting a tree, no offense for carpenter wannabes

dont hate on legonut! he is the best thing thats ever happend to fml lol

So when you say you cut it down "carefully," you use the term loosely, right? Lol

legonut is awesome, and he has a pic of a magic parrot! What more could you ask for?

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skroal im gonna shove a tree up ur ass

well duh either pay for the damages or make a claim on your homeowners insurance. no need to get sued over it dummy.

ydi for a botched diy. dont they have professionals to do that sort of thing? next time call them.

lindsaysue 4

Maybe leave that to the people who know what they're doing?

Barrientos432 5

Don't **** with MotherNature... >.< Ha FYL

babybottlepopp 0

mother nature ?! oh my gosh . these two words drive me crazy !!!!!

PimpdaddyCJT 13

ur a douche for having Justin bieber as ur pic

Just say it was an act of God, even if it's your tree he can't sue you if nature did it.

Nature didn't do it. Op is the one who cut the tree therefore it is his fault.

8 - because nature tends to make precise cuts when taking trees down. I'm sure insurance companies won't investigate that or anything.

5 minutes and a bottle of lighter fluid, you could pull it off pretty easily

Octwo 16

Here you're liable if a tree on your property falls and causes damage to another person's property, regardless if it fell of its own volition or not.

You're selfish for not letting the tree fall on your house. Screw you OP, think of others for once.

well op probably didnt know rhat the tree was gonna fall on the neighbors house...

You probably don't know I was kidding...

It is not really obvious that you were actually kidding. Some people are serious when they say something like that.. Can't blame her for not noticing. - peace -

I agree with George Bush, even though he's snacking on a kitty kat. Silly Dubya, that's a kitty kat, not a Kit Kat

I thought that was funny. Some people just don't understand sarcasm. If you lay it on thick enough it should be clear even through the Internet... Sorry if I upset anyone...

lmao yeah cause that would surely improve the situation.

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cheeeea, do it up OP and listen to patrick.

How could you have done it carefully if it fell on their house??