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Today, my four year old told my mother-in-law that our house is haunted because she hears a ghost at night saying "oh" and daddy's name as if they're hurt. FML
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sourgirl101 28

Grandma: "Honey, there's no such things as ghosts. That's just mommy getting laid" ^Now there's an FML ;)

lol ydi for being a screamer


ahah That's hilarious

Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much.... They fuck.

haha maybe you should look into bondage where they put duct tape over your mouth or something

kids always say funny stuff...I love it

That's a classic

Arsonnist 3

Maybe he is hurt. Do you get rough? That would be even more traumatizing.

haha go with it and make the kid believe the house is actually haunted and that if he tells anyone else the ghost will come for him next

420pium 0

who u gonna call

YDI for your four year old telling your mother-in-law that your house is haunted because she hears a ghost at night saying "oh" and daddy's name as if they're hurt.

#30,  meow!

Damn you #27 you got that song stuck in my head.


luckymay 0

ahaha that's gold ! :)

Don't enjoy 'haunting the house' so much and just keep it down when you are and you wouldn't have this problem ;)

pnutbutterandkel_fml 0


Brittney_E 0

well someones satisfied...?

dont_be_that_guy_fml 0

skroal congrats! No one is bagging on you this time. unless I didn't read far enough!

ahahah nice orphan reference.

i'm waiting for people to realize skroal only does what he does to get a reaction...

onelove222 0

fuck you skroal! I hope your soul,spirit and corpse burn in hell : )

skroal has bieber hair....FAG

JayColt 0

41 - GAY

Mumbellosity711 0

response: see son, you live in a place that is called a "whorehouse" and this happens to every kid at some time in their lives...

DuDMadness 0

I just a Boner...

emiley0413 0

ghost busters!!!! :p who u gonna call GHOST BUSTERS!!!

97- about 6 people hve already said tht. tht kid is soooo funny!

BallinJ 0

u should let the 4 yr old watch and see wat is really going on

Hazelfbabyyy 0

This kind of made me horny.

Well atleast the ghost is saying daddy's name and not grandpa's

#30 you repeated the fml about the 24 year old girlfriend as well wtf.

dridri97 0

11 is dat from the movie orphan??!!!!

rockediny 0

111 me too! I say we do something about it....masturbation :D

usmc2016 0


agreed 16. OP, your kid is awesome.

Who you gonna call? Ghost Nappa!

thetweak70 2

11 - lmao

hijueputa 0

^^ damn, and you are a fucking nickel!

jeez 72 show ur face in ur pic if ur gonna have one!

kids say the darndest things? *nervous laugh*

Haha. That sucks. But it's still pretty funny

zadie 6

shoot now I got that song in my head... ugh thanks a lot. :)

naida123 0

Ur hott

naida123 0

Your hot

threer 30


campbellshayla73 0

rly ackward I bet

DarkHelmet 10

hahahaha way to go Dad!!!! putting down the pipe

ALindsey 0

I feel like this is from the same person that let their four year old watch porn haha

lol ydi for being a screamer

kaijapapaya 0

Comprehension fail.

kaijapapaya 0

Oh nevermind...I guess it doesn't really specify if OP is the mom or dad. Dang, I just blew my chance at being a Nazi! :)

OP is clearly a woman, "and daddys name" either OP is a gay man with an adopted child or you sir cannot read

beeboyaxl 2

screamer! I feel sorry for your 4 year old..

awsomechick212 0

omfg! that's so freakin funny

zaqqcham 0

I just saw a video on youtube similar to this

French condom commercial? "maman a dit que je peux!"

#76 c'est tres amusante!

Well, sorry to be a French grammar nazi, if the commenter above me wanted to say 'it was' (past) it should be c'était, not c'est (present). But if you did want to say 'it is', ignore me 8D

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fuck u jerk off

LightningLadyy 0

Thank you, 103.

PLAT1NUMsilk 0

LOL sexy ghost.

aha. that's actually cute, have fun telling that to her when your older

Raleigh_bruh 7

Aha, freaks. :]

Yeah? Well you're freakier... I went there.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Blah, my comment didn't post. Anywho, my freakiness is virtually nonexistent. :p

Chrisskiies 0

That's blasphemy Raleigh!! It completly shows it's existance! lol