By Crystal_da_thing - 29/01/2015 10:10 - Australia

Today, I got attacked by a monkey. My country isn't even supposed to have monkeys in it. FML
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Crystal_da_thing tells us more.

I'm the one who wrote the fml turns out it escaped from a traveling zoo

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See no, hear no, speak no, monkeys. Just get attacked by one.

I hope you didn't go completely bananas.


I'm pretty sure australia has monkeys.

Nope. Literally first result on google when I searched "australia monkeys"

1 - for being pretty sure your pretty wrong

They are called aborigines here.

Actually, 1 is pretty right considering OP got attacked by one. There just isn't supposed to be lol

I'm Australian and i didn't think we had any wild monkeys

Are we sure it wasn't just a very large scorpion? Or killer koala?

Austalia had monkeys...

They all swam away in the Great Ape Migration.

#2 said had, meaning they used to. I don't think anyone even understood what he stated.

but they still never had any primates.

(australia is a continent)

See no, hear no, speak no, monkeys. Just get attacked by one.

I noticed you said nothing about eat no monkey

@27 Why the fuck would someone eat a monkey? :/

my dad has, unwittingly... travel in some poor countries and you'll eat a lot of strange things...

To #44 Some cultures eat monkey's brains...sounds gross to me.

Suddenly reminded of Drake & Josh.

They sneak over the border from time to time and attack unsuspecting bystanders.

lol you know that Australia's an island right? must've come by boat........ banana boat!

#4 Undocumented monkeys

Yep! They swim from Indonesia down ro Australia :,)

Well that was some ape shit.

I hope you didn't go completely bananas.

No, just ape shit

I need more details on this omg

You would be surprised at the things me and shrek have found in Duloc...

I can vouch for donkey. My ass never lies ☺️

You are love. You are life.

Shrek is dreck!

Duloc is.....Duloc is.....Duloc is the perrrfect PLACE!!!!!!!!

Maybe they were revolting to be allowed back in.

I guess you can never be too prepared for anything...even monkeys!