By wellthatsawkward - 30/12/2011 06:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend came over for the first time to meet my family. The night consisted of my sisters hiding in a tent and chasing us around in it, my parents singing songs from 'The Lion King' opera-style and throwing cheese at him. Pretty sure he's freaked out. FML
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If he's creeped, he's a loser. If he sang along, MARRY HIM.

i want your family


That would be awesome

Looks like he didn't feel the love tonight. Be prepared, he might dump you soon. I wouldn't worry about it though, it's the circle of life.

I'd rather have that type of family than the type that eats dinner in separate rooms.

Your eyebrows are magnificent.

Thank you :) A real man only shaves their face, their balls, and the top of the head as my dad used to say.

I dunno... Ball shaving seems rather dangerous! The skin seems to thin, so one mess up and you guys will have a problem.

puppypuncher 5

I believe a bit of risk will be worth silky smooth balls, 76.

crazychick1269 7

well this is a fun conversation?

It was till you showed up 104.

Exactly what I was thinking #1!

DreBeezy 9

109- The only reason I thumbed up your comment was because of your picture.

104- did anyone say you could take part in this conversation? Didn't think so..

I'd rather have a family that eats in separate rooms. Seriously fuck family.

Your pic from here looks... *ahem* interesting lol.

Free cheese? Awesome!

30-I think that no love tonight would be better.

i want your family

I second this! Hey, lets go steal it ;D

Snafuusmc 12

I don't know your hair looks like enough fun already.

saddlebrooks 0

If he's that freaked out she should be available soon enough!

You can have my family while ur at it lol

If he's creeped, he's a loser. If he sang along, MARRY HIM.

A night to remember. Can I throw some cheese too!

Cheese For Everyone!!!

Throwing cheddar at people? That's mature...

This comes from a 22 year old wearing a poodle and having a hair cut like Beiber... Ok that works. But cheese is the fabric of the universe. Hell! It's what the moon is made of!

A7X_LoVeee 10

There's no way that he's 22.

Throw the CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!!! No? Nobody gets it? Ok, but cheese is awesome, I wanna have a family like that!

Let's just say her family's really "cheesy". :D

90 - What's the name of the video that's from? It is hilarious.

81 doesn't seem to understand the joke. And yes I'm 22.

SecretMe00 5

81--- I love your cat pic. Is it a pic of yours? I have an orange tabby, they're adorable!

90- I get it. Asdf movie right?

Leadamp 7

Don't worry. I got the joke.

Batman_1872 20

no cheese is to good to throw away

Coolest family ever!

the real question is if they liked him....

Just another day in the animal kingdom.

Haha, that's pretty cool. If he runs then you know he has no sense of humour and probably never deserved you in the first place.

nativepimp 1

They weren't being funny they were being weird...

Perhaps the lad is lactose intolerant...or scared of lions?

Hakuna matata.

That it is, bro.

What a wonderful phrase

BatteryAddict, seeing your picture cannot make me help but feel as if you are not truly excited when you put exclamation points on a comment. Nonetheless it's a good picture for this site!

Jaxx66 - Haha! ^^ +1

There's nothing like a meerkat and a warthog singing about the importance of apathy.

palahniukpaul 6

Well if he was freaked out then are you sure you want to be with someone so lame?

cptmorgan6 8

Am I lame for being freaked out by your pic?