By Lilly_28 - 11/08/2009 14:01 - United States

Today, I was home alone. I didn't expect anyone to be anywhere near home, so when I got out of the shower, I walked to the living room, naked, to get the tv remote for my room. Only to find the UPS guy standing at our glass front door. I screamed... so did he. FML
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He probably screamed because you screamed. What was he supposed to do, wink and give you a thumbs-up?


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YDI for being an ugly bitch. C'mon at least give the poor guy something worth looking at

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@ #1 How would you know if she was out of shape? If you were delivering something and you see a naked woman through a glass door would you just stay still and stared like a pervert? @ OP When you're done with a shower, wipe, do some common after- shower things, at least put on your towel, put on some clothes. @ Everyone Have you noticed since March many people have posted about going out of the shower naked, supposing noone's home, but there happens to be SOMEONE home?

84 you're a dumbass. it's because the op said ......HE SCREAMED TOO


I thought YDI stood for "your da idiot" hahaha wow I'm slow sometimes

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you deserve it YDI ur a silly little goose now arent u

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i hate everyone who's posting shit like she's ugly or something. being a fellow ugly person, it hurts T_T well anyways everyone who is being an ass shut the **** up :P

I'm only curious to who has glass front doors and is stupid enough to walk around naked?

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**** your life because he screamed too!

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LOL my thoughts exactly! ;( Poor girl, you ugly little thing.

She's probably not ugly or out of shape. He screamed because she screamed. Also what else was he supposed to do? If he hadn't've screamed he would've looked like a pervert.

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You're right. So, did you guys end up dating like in the movies?

I would be scared and scarred if I saw a butt-naked fat and toothless KY female.

duckyev 0 really should visit Kentucky before you say such things. It is quite beautiul here and those stereotypes are very wrong.

Lived in Lexington for 10 years. Beautiful bluegrass, horse farms, seasons, community. Miss it so much. But God have mercy... KY women are the ugliest women on the planet to congregate in one place. The ONLY attractive women are the young ladies at the UK (Go Cats) Campus.... and most of them are from out-of-state. I would rather look at a philly in a pasture.

the only reason he would be called a pervert is because you ******* women pin everything as perverted on us, give me a break he was just doing his job she deserves for walking around her house naked when she has a ******* glass front door

It's almost 2015 and this is still the case with most 'feminists' these days... I honestly expect a male support movement in the coming few years.

maybe you shouldnt walk around naked no matter the circumstances

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Oh, come on! Everyone reasonable walks around naked.

I cant, I have 2 older brothers, and I never know when they will have their friends over.

Oh you know you've walked around naked at least once.

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i get in trouble for doing that

He probably screamed because you screamed. What was he supposed to do, wink and give you a thumbs-up?

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never said she was fat idiot youd scream if you saw a random naked person. think and read the fml before you go posting like a bi***

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Haa funniest comment OP, that made me laugh hysterically when you said did he. FYL, but thanks for making me laugh =D

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XD AHAHAAHAHAHA thats really funny ide scream too if i saw saw someone moron screaming while naked ide most likly be laughing god this made my DAY XD

Bet you didn't get a discount or free cable o_O