By Zoey - 09/02/2012 15:17 - Canada

Today, my husband started a food fight. During our wedding reception. FML
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LiyIa_fml 8

My Grandpa did this at my Mom's wedding. It was so much fun

shanemaximo 7

He knows you're stuck with him now.

Hahahaha thats a awsome idea! Ima do tht in my wedding.

enonymous 8
Jakesterk96 8

*Her husband is awesome, her boyfriend on the other hand...

That's awesome! I'm getting married in July. Hmm...

EmilyShmemily496 0

I wish there was a "That's awesome, why are you complaining?" button!

Yeah, you'll back on this and laugh. He's going to be one fun husband

OP, step one, slowly remove stick from butt..

22cute 17

You married an idiot. I guess that makes 2.

mariyaaa 0

Hopefully you guys took pictures before the reception.. :|

Sounds like a man with a sense of humour! :)

I bet u wish u were their might have thrown red velvet cake ;)

I'm sorry I am really bad at grammar but thanks for the correction haha

CadillacPimpen 6

The wink face makes even harder to decipher I'm assuming it's dirty....

Nu dah hahaha :) that is me the guy who sucks at grammar love velvet cake and plays minecraft :P and does not care for people that try to insult me haha

^ I'm sorry. I misinterpreted your red velvet cake comment and did not take it literally. *cough* That would be my perverted mind bad. Huzzah, Minecraft! Don't be insulted! I am an insult to myself xD

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

He wanted it to be memorable lol

Child: "daddy was your wedding with mommy fun?" Dad: "........YES.."

Men have their own idea of memorable lol

At least you got some action so the wedding is now memorable! Maybe it'll be a positive memory to look back to soon!

Awesome husband is awesome. Lighten up OP.

perdix 29

Looks like the number of children in your house will be one more than how many you give birth to. Congrats!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

I don't think OP joined, seeing as how she wrote this FML..

Yes boys do grow up it's just that... when you have food and you're not hungry... you just get the urge to fling it at someone... and in that glorious moment when you pull your arm back and throw, it hits the person and it becomes even more spectacular! Oh the joy when the person you hit tries to get revenge and grabs the nearest food and that comes flying at you and you duck and it hits someone else. Then everyone just like "Well, well, well, what an amazing amount of fun that looks like" and they join in to and then..... What was I talking about? Oh yeah, boys growing up. Anatomy, science, and other stuff.

Yes, one of millions of boys has not grown up yet, so all boys never grow up. I see.

soleen_fml 0

That's cuz u don't get boys!!!

No. Some just enjoy making fun, memorable moments rather then catering to fun sucking bridezillas. I really see nothing "FML" worthy in this post. I can only hope to have a goofy, memory filled wedding one day.

benikki 0

I hope my fiance does that our wedding, sounds like a major blast

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

It is only courteous for the gentlemen to start any from of altercation.

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

Hahaha...I suppose you are right 30

Buttsexpirate 9

It was all fun and games till the minister was hit with the wedding cake and the flower girl was crushed by baguettes.

Bridezilla is displeased! BRING ON THE ICING GUN!!!!!