By marcymoo - Australia - Perth
Today, I woke to find my laptop and printer covered in what smells like pee. My boyfriend then confessed to me that he occasionally "sleep-pees". It's like sleepwalking, but where he urinates on random objects. FML
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I.want to know if this only happens after he consumed copious amounts of alcohol or it is really random? My friend did that, in my closet, but he was drunk. When I saw it in the morning, he gave me money to replace my items he ruined. I hope OP's boyfriend does the same.

  23Z9TZO  |  18

Cringeworthy, but I actually laughed at this comment. Purely because of how sick it is but made out so casually

  lulubelles  |  33

Yep, unfortunately my other half has this, he's only done it a few times though and usually in the bathroom luckily, so although unpleasant it's easier to clean up! He's totally asleep when he does it. Once when he was still living with his dad he 'went' over the bannister and his dad walked up the stairs to see what was going on, he got a face full, poor thing.

  Pyapi  |  20

It's true. My brother has it. Now a days he just automatically goes to bathroom to pee, but he's still asleep. It was worse when he was younger, where he would accidentally walk into his closet to do his necessities. Reaaaally messy to clean up, that was, and horribly smelly too!

  JustForRetorts  |  13

Unfortunately yes. I used to have it and grew out of it. I once peed on my sister's giant Cookie Monster. No idea how this is caused. Just happy it was all in my childhood.