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Today, my social anxiety got so bad, I nearly had a panic attack when too many people joined my World of Warcraft party. FML
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Icejza_DaChilla 7

Turn off the PC and go find another human to interact with. It may be painful at first but it will get better.


This made me smile. Congratulations sir!

That's what I was thinking. **** pugs, they can't understand something as simple as "don't stand in fire."

Man this makes me want to start playing again lol. Stuck on Skyrim at the moment

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nublets 12

Thats the world of warcraft that you play..

Llama_Face89 33

So true #20, I'm tired of noobs doing stupid shit like getting hit by ice waves on haagara. Don't worry about getting thumbed down, noobs on fml don't know whats up and have no grounds to be thumbing down anyone when they don't know anything about WoW

lol wow. You would never catch me playing word of warcraft and btw op, the maximum number of members that can be in a party is 5 which isn't that much. What? how do i know this you ask? well you see *begins to stutter* oh noose i've been discovered. I must go and live in exile for ten thousand years. Oh the shame !!!

KingOfAmazing 9

121 - was that an Illidan reference? :3

AceArctic 4

Leeeeeerooooooooooooooy! Let's be honest, you all knew it was coming.

tjv3 10

Please go get therapy and join the real world

That's for dungeons. If you really play wow, then you should know that there are 10-man and 25-man raids as well. So your argument is invalid.

The_Tool1 13

World of Warcraft is for n00bs. Mw2 and mw3 is what's up.

bvq25 8

thank you 146 for correcting that, i wouldnt have been kind to him lol. damn noobs. XD WoW isnt bad as long as you get up from the computer occasionally.

Awesomeelliot 11

In all correctness there are 40 man raids as well. But that's vanilla content. You all are noobs if you didn't even know that. Lmao at the lk and later people thinking they aren't still noobs

And the 40 man raids that make up winter grasp and tol barad. Sorry don't pvp much. And 155 - for the Horde

Llama_Face89 33

150- those games are in entirely different genres. It's hard to compare. You're entitled to your poor choice in games though.

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What 20 said. It givez me haste buff!

bvq25 8

173 i thumbed you down because you play horde. For the Alliance!

SwtCherryPie 26

#196... yes i miss wrath dearly... And #205... thumbs downed you for playing an alliance... just saying

205 - I commented for the Horde because you play alliance. You said so in your profile. So, once again, for the Horde!

Felix_Felicis15 8

I play Dwarves. Yeah it's a new faction. For The Dwarven Vanguard! For Magni! For Khaz Modan!


Icejza_DaChilla 7

Turn off the PC and go find another human to interact with. It may be painful at first but it will get better.

I tried that before. It doesn't get better OP, don't listen to #2. There is no button where you could press twice to jump to get on high places, there is no magic spells you can cast on people, and there isn't a way you could re-spawn.

30, I'm curious how you found out about the re-spawning not being real. I can go test it it for you!

My cousin always said; "i would take a bullet for you, but ill just resawpn anyways."

#40 it sounds like you are going to go test it out for yourself. Well go and try it. I will be pleased to see the results.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

*arrives in heaven* "ooh is this where I see my kill cam?" "... Um, something like that."

My own comment: respawn*** idk how the p wondered down the word..

SheepShoop_fml 20

While I do suggest this as well, the problem is that it's hard to orient yourself for it if you have really bad social anxiety. Well worth it in the end: OP, it would be very beneficial for you to dip your toes in going out and interacting with people. But don't feel you need to rush it.

2 is correct. Think back to the first time you beat your favorite game of all time. If you were to play it a second time the same way would it still be as fun? Your brain "normalizes" sensations and feelings that it gets used to so you will need to do something a little different (and often more skillful) or wait a while to get the same feeling. It can almost be like a tolerance to alcohol. You need a steadily increasing amount of social contact in a relatively short period of time for it to work. Then after that you gotta maintain and strengthen that tolerance. Can't expect it to last on it's own till you become an addict :P

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108- it's an MMORPG (Masive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), so it doesn't just "end". You would stop ranking or leveling, but the sensation of most multiplayer games do not go away (i.e. call of duty, battlefield, FIFA, Forza, Runescape, and a little more well know to the community, Counter-Strike). What I'm saying is that these games do not just get boring and stale as if you played a single-player game, so no his feelings for wanting to keep playing won't go away.

Agreed. You need to get out. Get some therapy. Get some medication. Get some real friends.

So many people play WoW, how do you not panic when they all talk to you? Sorry, I just don't see how it makes a difference whether they're in your party or not!

But they might say hi to him and hello OP ;)

O and also hi to this commenter idk if that's spelled right haha

Not everybody talks to everybody on WoW. There are many different servers, and unless you know people IRL most players aren't exactly chatty. And even if one person says Hi to OP, it still wouldn't be the same as having all of those people talking at once as per usual in a party. Social anxiety is a somewhat irrational anxiety, it doesn't have to make sense to you.

Umm do you have social anxiety? No so who are you to say you don't understand. STFU.

She has every right to say she doesn't understand, specifically because she doesn't have social anxiety. She(as am I) is curious as to how communication over a video game, which is text based unless in vent, can overwhelm a person in real life. You can always change the chat so it won't show anything at all if the problem is that severe.

Sorry, but isn't every fear and anxiety irrational? I for one don't get why anyone would be scared of spiders and insects in general. I can, on the other hand, understand a fear of social interaction, and there was a time when I was scared of posting comments etc online as well. You have to face your fears, it's the only way you'll get over them.

140- More people are scared of spiders than death it self. The more ya know.

Llama_Face89 33

17- not chatty?! Have you ever what goes on in trade chat?! O.o

FlotatiousTurd 1

ill put you in a room full of camel spiders then we'll see whos scared

Jimmothy68 5

Just be glad you don't play ally on an rp server. Can't got to goldshire without being around 50ish people.

Try skyrim, If you get social anxiety for interacting with the npcs you should go see a psychiatrist. Unless you're scared of your psychiatrist.

That'll just make them paranoid about the sniper going around hitting people in the knee and no-where else. I'm starting to think it's like the Bielefeld Conspiracy, personally.

What?! No arrow to the knee jokes here at all???!!!

She used to talk to people, then she took an arrow in the knee. Happy now ? PS : An arrow-knee joke has been made. Dear reader, don't feel obligated to do another one :)

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#5 - That's exactly what popped into my head right after I finished reading the FML. Haha :D

Llama_Face89 33

15- it's fairly blatant...I'd be worried if you didn't see it...

But then why did you invite so many people if you know if you have social anxiety? By the way, skyrim is better than WoW in my opinion.

fadingfaith 4

How do you expect her social anxiety to get better if she is always in her comfort zone?

I shouted Fus Ro Da at my friend because he plays didn't work

Why do people always have to have a ******* opinion with video games? Nobody cares man, nobody.

perdix 29

I'll sell you some electronic Paxil, but you'll have to send me real cash -- BitCoin sucks.

You're still playing WOW? Time to get a life

Actually, WoW isn't such a bad game for us nerds. Unless we're addicted for more than 6 hours, then it gets to be a problem.

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What about minecraft now that's fun haha

WoW is your MoM upside down giving me 69 experience points while im doing 3 damage to her mouth troll with my magical wand of sticky essence.

21 - minecraft is so addicting, that many people try so hard not to play it. Otherwise, it would sell 10X more than it has, and it's sold a lot!

pookberry 4

9- I play wow all the time and I have a life.. A particularly good one at that. And maybe some people who play don't have "lives" but you don't need to be In the "real world" to get one.. Couples have actually met online playing wow and have gotten married and have children. True story. That is all :D

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Mine craft is great but it sucks compared to WoW and I've been on the game for 9 hours and only stopped for drinks. The game is really addictive!!!

You guys are all on drugs. Runescape is where it's at now a days

Me idk I love minecraft alot more than WoW but also diablo was great until it got boring after beating the game. But minecraft you can just get a group, make some mods like money mod thing so to make shops and there you go you have a village ;)

If your'e unable to cope socially on a video game, I'd hate to watch you talk to members of the opposite sex! Also, note to guys: a level 85 shaman is the ONLY way into a woman's level 69 succubus.

Are you kidding, I'd LOVE to see OP talking to a girl.

Takuya272727 16

I find it entertaining that as soon a video game is mentioned, gender automatically defaults to male. The OP is in fact, a female herself. Unless she's bi or lesbian, I'm sure she would be talking to males.

^Or guy. OP is a female, though I suppose she may be bisexual or gay.

Damn I didn't realize, you can't see gender in the mobile site. I apologize for stereotyping.

On the other hand, I,d still love to see OP talking to a stranger, be it guy, girl or animal.

TheDrifter 23

Try a pally for the succubus. Just Turn Evil and get behind it with your Hammer of Justice. Don't forget your Holy Shield, just in case.

Ciraxas 7

29, 10 did not specify either gender

Bubble shields are better, they can protect you from STD's! Hence, rod of god.

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Lol always fun to do that it trade chat

103- Oh, that right there is the best insult ever.

Yeah, a bubble shield is great if you last less than eight seconds. It won't help much if you go longer than that. =P

TheDrifter 23

Exactly Neko. Holy Shield for the first 20 seconds and bubble shield for the last 8 to prevent pregnancy. If STDs are the worry, you should conscrate before you start.

tylersign 11

It can be pretty stressful. So much weight on your shoulders.. Fail, and it may or may not mean death. I don't blame ya, man.

FlotatiousTurd 1

If you're failing in WoW now then you just suck and shouldnt play anyways