By Anonymous - 12/08/2015 17:50 - United States

Today, my psycho ex got into my wedding ceremony and attacked my wife. FML
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conman531 23

Restraining order, assault charge, trespassing, you know, the works for a crazy ex


Get a restraining order on that crazy bitch.



Get a restraining order on that crazy bitch.

I doubt a restraining order will do any good if OP`s ex attacked his wife with their friends and family all around. The threat of consequences rarely beat out crazy when it's at that high of a level.

splinteredApple 36

I'm sure jail would be more appropriate.

Maybe an asylum. Just to keep her under control

#52 but if someone violates the restraining order by even contacting her, action will be taken. though as she attacked the wife, it's beyond restraining order behaviour

everyone knows restraining orders aren't worth the paper they are written on

corky1992 33

Does it matter? She ruined the poor girls wedding day. She was probably just bitter that he was marrying someone else instead of her so she took revenge on the bride.

I'm not saying what she did was excusable, I just wanted to know how badly she behaved.

#22, What difference does it make? The crazy bitch assaulted her for no reason. Doesn't matter if it was minor or major

1dvs_bstd 41

#22 It doesn't matter what she did. People put lots of hours of intense planning and bridezillaism into the wedding only for it to be ruined by a psychotic wench.

Don't know why people are being so bitchy to you, #2. Did she throw a shoe at her? Did she punch her in the head? Did she scratch her face? Did she pull her hair? Did she bite her arm? Did she kick her in the shin? Did she do all that and then some? "Attacked" is pretty vague.

1dvs_bstd 41

No one is being bitchy but you. Someone gets attacked on a day that's supposed to be special, unique and beautiful and all you care about is the detail of the assault. Why if I may ask? to satisfy your curiosity or lust for violence?

I agree with #51, people are getting all butt hurt over a simple question. Why wouldn't someone be curious about the details of the story?

#55 I feel like you're trying to sound cool but you don't. Shut up.

1dvs_bstd 41

#79 On the contrary. Now look here, lady.. I don't much give a **** what people think of me (like your worthless opinion) I just stated my opinion, there was no part of that comment that was supposed to sound cool.. humorous, maybe. Since we're on the subject of being "cool" I may not be the fonz but I'm def cooler than the other side of the pillow, don't like it/me, you can go **** yourself, ho.. like you matter. I'm just doing me, if it pisses you off, go hug a live wire.

Brightbulb 39

I'm with you #2. How badly was she hurt? Yes it sucks to be attacked on your wedding day by a psychotic ex, but it sucks differently if you're able to still enjoy the reception and maybe even eventually laugh about it on future anniversaries, then if you're going to the hospital with severe injuries and your wedding is now over for you.

Why is everyone being so rude!! As if you don't want the follow up story too!!

Redgy22 26

Yeah, I'd just like more details just because I'm sure it's a crazy story. The ex had no good reason to even be there, let alone inflict herself on your bride, you, & your entire event. So sorry for you & your wife.

@55- I'm sorry but I must disagree, you're definitely being bitchy

Agreed with #1. Get a restraining order and make her pay for any damages or bills she caused.

AGhost5445 25

I agree with 3 agreeing with 1 it's time for that restraining order

Please you three join in bed as a celebration to mark 'Great Accord'. May be all of us would agree on that..

I agree with #70 for agreeing with #3 for agreeing with #1 get a restraining order

Whoa buddy! She must be like way crazy in love with your wife! ;)

At least she didn't get to the Cake, wait is the cake alright?!

Here is the man who knows how to ask the truly important question

conman531 23

Restraining order, assault charge, trespassing, you know, the works for a crazy ex

kaylae22 13

Forget that bait her into an area the put her in a cell in a sound proof room and leave her locked in. Forget about her then ur new wife and you can be happily safe from her attacks

I'll take kidnapping and murder charges for 100 jerry

FRW1 2

Oh yeah! ... what an incredible solution to this problem. With advice such as this, I am astounded that you are not so rich and famous that you have no time for sites such as this. Please feel free to send me a personal message to advise me further on how I might also engage in fun criminal activity and end up in jail ...

AGhost5445 25

No need for all that sarcasm 35

countryb_cth 38

Holy 35 it's a joke not a dick, don't take it so hard.

#35 easy does it. You do realize that this is FML, right?!?!?! No need to get your knickers in a knot over a comment. Relax, maybe go Meditate, practice some deep breathing exercises, and don't take FML so seriously.

I have never heard that figure of speech before used in such a way. You made my day

First of all, you should call the police and get her arrested. Then maybe go to court and get a restraining order

I guess it wasn't a nice day for a white wedding...