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By  emmingle  |  24

I feel sorry for him. After all, for some reason, he did make the conscious choice to become a dentist.

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

It is kind of rude. And if I were in that situation and I heard my dentist say that as I was leaving, I would have assumed he was referring to my looks or something and been more offended. I wouldn't have automatically figured out it was because of the gagging.

  PokeZilla  |  9

Probably because the FML is about her gagging while at the dentist's. I'm going to assume she was gagging quite a lot during the duration of her visit for him to notice.

  Sigilwen  |  21

Maybe she's not self conscious of her looks and what others think of her looks don't matter to her. As far as judging anything else about her he can't, he is her dentist so probably don't know her well enough. So only thing left that would effect her boy friend is the gagging.

  CasiLG  |  17

According to his blog he is on vacation.

I used to gag when the dentist hygienist did her x-rays. She put a sprinkle of salt on my tongue. As I grew older breathing deeply in and out of my nose helped.

  Chibi_Kitten  |  24

What I'd like to know, is how does one go about having theoretical, figurative, or mind sex. There is too much that sex-ed forgot to include in the lesson plan.


Her love life is none of our business. I don't understand how I could get out of her business, when I'm not trying to be in it in the first place. Also, how is her love life concerning him? That's just my opinion.


Well, I was just minding my business, when I see all these comments about how we should just mind our business. But guys it's just business , nothing more so I decided to get in the business because I think we should just get along. Business...(°-°)/

  vividpictures  |  17

First of all, she didn't decide anything all she did was give her opinion and if it wasn't our business then it would not be on the "World Wide Web" where Practically everything is public.

  Mauskau  |  35

Your tonsils have nothing to do with your gag reflex. You can train your gag reflex by putting pressure on your tongue and moving backwards, like when brushing your tongue.

  zawesomee  |  14

I seriously thought it said "toenails" in all the comments above. I was starting to think I wasn't normal for still having mine intact...