By Sherry - 11/07/2012 13:29 - United States - Middletown

Today, my brother had a party with over 60 people in my basement. It turns out that five different couples had sex under the same comforter. The comforter was mine. FML
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Me too, you invite a bunch of people over and the next thing you know, half of those people are drunk, 1/3 of them are having sex and the other 1/3 are passed out... or peeing off the patio onto a helpless folk below.

I like parties.. just as long as they're at someone else's house!

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14- According to you there are more people participating in these activities then there are people. You're saying that there is 1.13 people for every person there. You meant 1/4 not 1/3. If grammar Nazis were one thing, now there's math nazis :P

Math nazi fail. Some of the drunk people could also be included in the group of people who are passed out or having sex.

#14 I bet that if you were in that 1/3 of people having sex you wouldn't be complaining

#14 no offense but #66 got a point so FYL lol

If 14 threw a party, why would he/she complain about themselves having sex in "their own home"? I don't know what you consider appropriate party behavior but the things on 14's list are not the type of party goers I want in my house. That includes stealing my CDs and breaking up my lamps.

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It's just sex...I mean, I realise there are plenty of disgusting people who will be messy and not care about what they leave behind or ruin - so if those people were the ones doing the deed then FYL. If they were clean about it, then I don't see a problem with that. You guys realise you've all sat on or touched something someone has had sex on, right? I take it none of you have any second hand furniture...

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This has happened to me. That is why it is now called the "sex blanket".

Throw it out, both brother and comforter.

I'd burn the comforter. Although the brother......

Better yet, just do the old switcheroo. Switch your comforter with your brother's.

21- but who knows what happened on your brother's comforter...

I dunno. There's this crazy new invention out there, washing machine. It actually washes things made out of fabric. Crazy stuff.

I don't know 44. I would rather throw it out than to have it knowing people did the nasty under it

While you do have a point 44, there's just something about this situation that makes wrapping the brother on the comforter and tossing them both in the garbage disposal seem like a better option. Assuming of course that your comforter isn't too stiff to bend.

TheDrifter 23

Donate it to science. It may contain a new strain of ghonnaherpesyphyllaids.

It's actually Herpegonnacyphilaids. Get it right xD

TheDrifter 23

We just say it different here. It's like the math/maths debate.

Swap your comforter with your brothers. Maybe he'll be too hungover to notice.

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That's what I call a... Sticky situation. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!

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I assumed there was still love juice on it.

exactly. rosy enough. it's gross to imagine how I would clean up my house after people made a mess

I bet the comforter stiff as a board now..

Tough break OP. I'd either wash that comforter or take in the smell and pretend you had sex also.

5-That's really disgusting. Is that what you do?

Not really. It was just an idea. Calm down.

I don't think smelling the comforter would make OP feel any better about this situation

That's very gross to do man. And this is what happens when you host parties. I'm surprised only couples had sex. Something similar happened to my friend. Except it was his party. And they did it on his bed. Both straight and gay couples. That bed was a mess. Haha. It was disgusting, just like OPs situation.

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Cum shots everywhere send in the cleaners in lab coats el pronto..,

If you go over it in a uav light, it will be a pretty painting.... a white pretty painting.

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What did you learn...? (party => protect your sheets)

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Nasty bro got all the "juices" all over burn it

And stop taking your picture in the mirror loser.

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And you have the douchebag all over you, dontcha?? Thank god you aren't doing that idiotic duck pout, though I wouldn't put it past you.

It doesn't matter about the abs, you're still a massive nerd... You look like mclovin with a 6 pack...

151- I almost died laughing at your comment

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What was your first clue Mr. Holmes?

Clorox, for life's bleachable moments

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Thank goodness Clorox exists! But what about the horrific thoughts of people having sex on your comforter? A chemical won't be able to fade those thoughts away =(

No, zippo and gasoline, for life's burnable moments lol