By anonymous - United States - Rio Rancho
Today, I went to a trampoline park and jumped into an adult-area foam pit that apparently used to be for children. I guess it never occurred to them to change the depth of it, as I now have a fractured ankle. FML
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  shavednipples  |  22

#10 and #14: You can still try to sue. The injury they're talking about would be accidental from jumping the wrong way or something. No company can make you sign away your legal right to file a lawsuit.


At all the trampoline parks I've been to they make you sign a multi page waiver that they could probably use to completely shut down any lawsuit that comes their way unless it involves a ridiculous amount of negligence, e.g, a kid dies from the actions of an employee.

  meh2427  |  2

that's different, companies don't have to be responsible for their employees but they can be sued for hazards and "false advertisement"

  NereidAlbel  |  14

Waivers don't protect a company from negligence or faulty equipment. You wouldn't get to sue if you missed the foam pit, but, a foam pit designed in such a way that adults will be injured even if they land properly is lawyer time.

By  RabbitOfAurora  |  28

Jeez guys, not everything is a lawsuit. This was a MASSIVE oversight on their part and there's no way they're not at fault here, they're going to settle out of court if they have any sense at all.