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Today, I went to a trampoline park and jumped into an adult-area foam pit that apparently used to be for children. I guess it never occurred to them to change the depth of it, as I now have a fractured ankle. FML
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You can definitely and rightfully sue them.

thats a huge oversight in saftey. if it is marked adult but only rated for kids then you can sue ovee the fact its a hazard


You can definitely and rightfully sue them.

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At least where I live, the only trampoline park makes you sign a paper that they are not responsible for any injury which occurs.

You can't necessary sue depending in the waver, but the do take responsibility and can be made to pay for the expenses.

#10 and #14: You can still try to sue. The injury they're talking about would be accidental from jumping the wrong way or something. No company can make you sign away your legal right to file a lawsuit.

#10 that's only when it was an accident. If it was a safety hazard that they overlooked, then they are in the wrong not the person who got injured!

Actually you can sign away your right to file a lawsuit in specific circumstances. Everyone that joins the military does.

thats a huge oversight in saftey. if it is marked adult but only rated for kids then you can sue ovee the fact its a hazard

At all the trampoline parks I've been to they make you sign a multi page waiver that they could probably use to completely shut down any lawsuit that comes their way unless it involves a ridiculous amount of negligence, e.g, a kid dies from the actions of an employee.

improper equipment is the fault of the trampoline park, and should be fixed considering that it has caused injuries

that's different, companies don't have to be responsible for their employees but they can be sued for hazards and "false advertisement"

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Falsely advertised as safe for adults 10 million dollar law suit for injury that will heal but may never be the same. THEY WILL SETTLE!

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Waivers don't protect a company from negligence or faulty equipment. You wouldn't get to sue if you missed the foam pit, but, a foam pit designed in such a way that adults will be injured even if they land properly is lawyer time.

Who lands feet first in a foam pit? That really does suck though.

Imagine the FML if he hadn't. Or the eulogy.

Do you usually land head first into foam pits?

Jeez guys, not everything is a lawsuit. This was a MASSIVE oversight on their part and there's no way they're not at fault here, they're going to settle out of court if they have any sense at all.

I get what you mean but it would be a good back up to have a lawyer on hand just in case to make sure they are fully compensating for OP's injury.

Lol I'm sorry is no one picturing this hilarious moment in their head?

I don't see how anyone fracturing their ankle is hilarious, so no.

Would you still think it's hilarious if people laughed at you for fracturing your ankle? Yeah, didn't think so.

People laughed when I dislocated my arm and I still think how it happened was funny.

Lighten up 8&9, even the Drs laughed at me when I told them how I injured my wrist- I was asleep and woke up with bruising and a lot of pain

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I've twisted both of my ankles twice and it was hell for me so just reading this makes me cringe and I feel so bad for you :(

Was there other foam pits there that were really deep that made you assume this one was deep and safe to jump in feet first?

well I'd say they failed in the trust fall.