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Today, my husband laughed at me for farting in the bathtub; I lied by admitting to it. The fact is that I have enough back-fat to create suction against the bathtub. FML
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I don't get why they get thumbed down, O mean it sure is an eye opener. Speaking from experience, getting in shape is one of the best ideas of my young life, it really made me more positive and more outgoing.

this happens to me sometimes and im only a UK size 12 so it might not mean OP needs to lose weight. sometimes air gets trapped when you lean back and as you shift position the water bubbles into the gap making a fart noise. its the same with a jug or bowl, if you push it face down into the water and then tilt it an air bubble comes up. i used to have such entertaining baths :)

You guys sound great together. making him laugh is always good.

53, they sound so great together? How can you make that statement when all you know about them is that OP's husband laughed at her fart.

Settle down. If they were in a tub together, I'm sure it wasn't by accident. #53 was probably just trying to cheer OP up and compliment her relationship with her husband.

My comment was not angry or excited in any way, I was just pointing it out to 53, not trying to sound angry, mean, or codescending.

#14 OP is in shape, round is a shape.

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FYL? It's awesome to make fart noises on the side of the bathtub-I mean uh yeah you're completely immature and that sucks.

OP is immature because you think that its awesome to make farting noises?

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Yes. This is an FML about fart noises and I was being 100% serious..

I dunno, I think farting is more embarrassing than that. Since he's your husband i think he may already know about your body.

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I'm sure farting in the bath tub cannot be as significant as OP's back fat having the capability of doing one itself. That being said, everyone farts, but not everyone has to be overweight or even obese

She doesn't have to be obese for this to happen. All you have to be is not a skeleton and position yourself wrong. I've had this happen to me a couple times and I'm 5'3" and 135lbs with some of that explained by my D cups.

Hate to break it to you, but... you're fat.

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135 is not fat. The opposite of rail-thin is not fat. there are large variations in body type between those two extremes.

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#31, how come the girl with the D-cups has a hamster for a profile pic? C'mon, let's see 'em!

Thank You RedPillSucks. FalconCrunch, you have to take into account the way a person's body frame is structured and how the weight is distributed. I have a largish chest and a pretty big ass, everything in between is getting a little skeleton like. I'll admit though it would be possible for someone to be my height and weight and be interpreted as overweight if it was all pretty much resting in their stomach but if that was the case there might be a health concern there anyway. Plus it's just one interpretation.

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#49, yet somehow, I'm still looking at a gerbil or hamster. How can we judge the validity of your arguments without photographic proof? Let's have a pic . . . for science!

Dammit perdix stop, you're scaring her away! At this rate, we're not getting any closure. :(

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#63, don't worry. Anyone who brags about her D-cups in this cesspool probably doesn't scare easily.

5'3 and 135lbs.. That's 160cm and 61 kg.. Most people would Call that chubby, to say the least..

Well, did you take the time to factor in the fact that muscle weighs more than mass, and she might have muscles?

I have the same height and weight and I'm a uk size 8. I'm far from chubby, just blessed with boobs and bum ;)

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#75, muscle weighs exactly the same as fat. A pound is a pound (or a newton is a newton). Muscle is denser than fat, so a given mass of muscle occupies less volume than the same mass of fat. Nevertheless, if it's causing fart sounds on a bathtub, it ain't muscle!

Wasn't really bragging so much as simply stating fact. The reason a Gerbil is my profile pic is because this is the kind of sight where anonymity is best and also because he was such a cute critter.

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#88, we don't have to see your face. You're telling us about your unusual body type and I think we need to see it to believe it. As I said before, for science, of course!

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Hate to break it to you #34, but you're a dick. Please take your ignorant comment and shove it up your ass. Because 135 pounds is nowhere near fat. Get over yourself.

I'm a monkey and weigh 38 pounds. I am not scared to show my picture to prove this. And neither should you.

In that case she'd be a very buff little Girl. Regardless, she weigh quite a bit..

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As long as you're happy the way you are, just forget about it, However if it does bother you, then perhaps investing some time in exercising will go a long way!

Maybe your time would be better spent trying to change your situation rather than moaning on FML. Just sayin'.

I think they call that an "ah-ha" moment. Eat healthier & increase your activity level & you'll be fine

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#10 Take on me. Take me on. I'll be gone . . . and back to your regularly scheduled programming.

18- I don't think there are enough FMLers who are old enough to understand that reference. We're dealing with some young ones here. :p

I'm ashamed to say I had to google that....

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#24, well, that's too bad. The new song "Feel this Moment" by Christina Aguilera and Pitbull uses that song clearly, so I guess the youngsters don't understand what is going into their music.

I think that might be the first comment by Perdix that I've enjoyed

I can't plead the "young card". The lyrics just didn't click in my brain. *hangs head in shame*

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I believe the husband thought it was a "ha-ha" moment.

Hey reel big fish did a cover of that song so "some" younger people may get it

Thank you for bringing that up perdix, now I got that song stuck in my head... :'(

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thanks perdix...I have that damn pencil drawing video running on loop in my head.

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#84, #98, I had to distribute the pain. When I heard about the a-ha moment, I attempted the song. When I tried that line I left off in #18, I may have ruptured something -- and the neighborhood patrol cited me.

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Need a moment, don't grab a twix...

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You should have played it off as a queef. Your husband will never talk about your vaporous emissions ever again.

Maybe she could have followed up by characterizing the queef as a "road warrior queef".

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#94, exactly. If she pretended it was a queef, the husband would be so grossed out, he wouldn't mention any of the sounds that emanated from her ever again.