By GetHardOrGoHome / Saturday 31 March 2012 04:22 / United States - Chardon
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  maskedman  |  9

People always say a penis looks gross, but I think they look uniform and balanced. Some vaginas do look good but most are just unsymmetrical and the lips are over the place. Vaginas do feel great though.

  maskedman  |  9

That's what I meant to put in. Penises aren't gross looking because they are symmetrical. People always say vaginas look better than penises but I think it's the opposite.

People are just scared to say this because they don't want their sexuality questioned.

  Cad6  |  24

^No no, I agree with you. I'm just surprised that anyone would think that a penis is gross. More importantly, why the FUCK are we having this conversation?

  silent_bride  |  5

17: No, because that would a) sexualize a medical procedure, which is b) against the law, and c) has been done without consent... so really, your sick little fantasy qualifies as sexual assault. Enjoy your day.