By GetHardOrGoHome - 31/03/2012 04:22 - United States - Chardon

Today, I visited my gynecologist. As she had her fingers inside me she decided that was the perfect time to say, "I absolutely love your socks!" FML
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At least she didn't say "is it just me, or does it smell like fish in here?"


Maybe your ****** was just too beautiful for the gyno to stare at...

People always say a penis looks gross, but I think they look uniform and balanced. Some vaginas do look good but most are just unsymmetrical and the lips are over the place. Vaginas do feel great though.

^Wtf? I think my penis is gorgeous.

That's what I meant to put in. Penises aren't gross looking because they are symmetrical. People always say vaginas look better than penises but I think it's the opposite. People are just scared to say this because they don't want their sexuality questioned.

^No no, I agree with you. I'm just surprised that anyone would think that a penis is gross. More importantly, why the **** are we having this conversation?

I'm sorry. I took us to a very dark place. Let's go back to talking about nice socks.

I have socks that light up and freak the crap out of people. Yay.

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I had socks like that. Then people started questioning my sexuality. Maybe I should enter an FML

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There are such things as lesbians. Very scary thought, I know./Sarasm

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54, Spencer? Or are you Socko?

How about awkward noises? Like when you're in class, or in a meeting, and your stomach decides to make that dying whale noise.

43, omg I hate that I always think that people think you farted. So embarrassing haha!

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Hey this is random... But that pic u have is my iphone backround!!! We r like bros now!! =P

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43 and 97 well that's easily fixed by eating.

At least she didn't say "is it just me, or does it smell like fish in here?"

aussieaccents 7

Or another unfortunate thing doc could have said: "Hmm it appears you have a cancerous tumor in your ******."

Da_Bauss435 8

Is it just me or am I the only one who noticed the OP is a guy because the name is GetHardOrGoHome

Well it could be a gal if u think about it...

OP is a girl. Guys don't go to a Gynecologist. Also, most guys don't tell you to "Get hard or go home." Usually, girls want you to get hard... Just sayin'... :)

She might have been trying to distract you from the situation. She failed, but it's the thought that counts.

I wonder if some gynecologists take advantage of what they do and add a little "accidental" twirl ;)

Wow 17, you are a creepo... That's ******.

Not to mention against the law. You're gross and creepy for even thinking about that.

xStaciexLynnx 15

You're also clearly a man because every woman knows what it's ACTUALLY like at the gyno.

They see so many ******* (with varying degrees of nastiness) a day that they probably try to leave out as many "twirls" as possible

17: No, because that would a) sexualize a medical procedure, which is b) against the law, and c) has been done without consent... so really, your sick little fantasy qualifies as sexual assault. Enjoy your day.

My gynecologist does this too. She makes conversation throughout the exam. I think it's the most awkward thing ever.

GetHardOrGoHome 7

she was examining my boobs she commented on how good my perfume smelled...

she probably just didn't have anything nice to say about ur ******, so next best thing? your socks!!!!!

who gives a shit? at least you have nice socks.

I personally like the socks with the lace at the top best.

Well, it's better than having her tell you there's something wrong with your ******.

dumaz 2

They're just trying to make it less awkward