By UncleMonkey - United States - Santa Cruz
Today, while flirting with a cute nurse at my dad's bedside, I accidentally let a noxious fart slip out and she thought the foul smell came from my sleeping father soiling himself. I let her roll him over and check his ass while he cried out in pain because I wasn't man enough to own up to it. FML
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By  beyondflight  |  16

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  Ms_ValS  |  27

You sound like the kind of person who takes a selfie with the corpse at a funeral. The kind of person who should have been a cockroach instead of a human being.

  MissEris  |  27

I can only see this thought of as ok if OP's father was an ass himself when OP was growing up, and even then it would still not be ok to do this.

  tdawg91  |  17

A: she's a nurse, she deals with far worse things than a fart.
B: she's an attractive nurse, how far do you think you were going to get in your attempts to seduce her? She probably gets hit on hourly and wouldn't think very highly of you for thinking of your dick while your father was in a hospital bed.
C: no one else thinks highly of you for putting your poor father in more pain because you were thinking of your dick

  dragonkisses28  |  25

#36 It isn't about the nurse having to deal with worse things. It's about OP letting the nurse turn his father to see if he had soiled himself and the pain caused to the father from that action. OP, being a selfish little bitch, let the nurse believe the father had done it because he didn't have the balls to tell her it was him.