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Today, my husband tried to annoy me by slurping on his almost-finished drink. I yelled at him to knock it off. Later, our daughter told her class that mommy and daddy had been fighting about his drinking during breakfast. FML
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I'm sure the teacher had heard worse. Kids have a way of making things sound very bad.


I'm sure the teacher had heard worse. Kids have a way of making things sound very bad.

It's because they don't know the other meanings to what they say

Exactly. So hopefully the teacher would take it with a grain of salt.

I'm sure the teacher has heard much worse from the children

And anyway isn't the phrase a pinch of salt?

In this day and age as well as the people I work with on a frequent basis, these kind of statements usually are investigated. Hope they talk with you before notifying CPS.

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Don't worry kids always misframe stuff, just explain what's up to the person its all good.

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Beer is liquid bread, so you were just drinking your toast.

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Every morning just before breakfast, He don't want no coffee or tea. Just him and his good buddy weiser. That's all he ever needs.

Parents argue, oh well. You can't even say "hi" to your own child in the wrong tone without people point fingers. Don't worry about it op.

You can always explain what really happened to the teacher if the school makes an issue of it.

It could have been MUCH worse - "Daddy was sucking and Mommy said Daddy wasn't doing it right."

that's why you shouldn't fight in front of kids. they tell everyone everything.

"Daddy slurped really loud and made Mommy yell!" Your kid's teacher will never look either of you in the eyes again OP. Never!!