By Pedro the Basuraman


Today, after 27 years of dedicated and loyal service, it finally happened, I was robbed at gunpoint at work. The whole heist only took about 30 seconds and the perpetrator took off without taking anything from me. I still don't get it. What kind of screwball would hijack a garbage truck? FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Are you talking about the kind of garbage truck that has the big-ass arm that lifts garbage cans way up in the air to dump them? If so, then who wouldn’t want to steal it?!?!?

I’d drive around flinging all kind of shit around with that big-ass arm! Maybe even people, hahahaha!!!

By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

It's for an even bigger heist. Walk in bank, steal money, throw it down garbage chute, walk out, garbage truck picks it up and takes it away. No one would be the wiser.