Gross idea

By Anonymous - 09/03/2012 00:30 - Canada

Today, my husband and I got into a fight because I refused to let him use my fingernail to clean the plaque off his teeth. FML
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Instead of throwing a plate at his head, like in the movies. Throw a toothbrush.

I find this hard to masturbate to...


FLgators93 3

thats just nasty.why would he even want to?

MetalxSoldier 26

I dont know but she should have scratched her ass then said, "okay, here you go!" :)

^ you might want to re-check what you just typed up there.

MyChemicalSmosh 4

#28 You don't get it do you?

cut your nails op so he wouldn't ask u

Instead of throwing a plate at his head, like in the movies. Throw a toothbrush.

And hefty amounts of toothpaste.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Your grammar... It kills me...

MoonPhase123 4

He could've just used a toothpick, floss or toothbrush. He had many options, but instead insisted on using his wife's fingernail instead. >:U

24- Your face... It kills me...

Oh jeez. I just thought about fingernails scraping on ceramic plates. *cringe*

Floss? Toothbrush? Both?

Naw, they use chewed up sticks with crushed peppermint leaves.

ninjuh_wingman 29

If thats how he cleans his teeth, I wouldnt go anywhere near his mouth.

AsianCookie247 14

What's your fingernail have that his doesn't..? Can't he use his own. What a strange couple you two are.

He shouldn't use anybody's nails, including his own. He should use a thing called a toothbrush.

AsianCookie247 14

Oh sorry! It cut off the other part of my comment. I added "and what the hell ever happened to using a toothbrush?".

Next time don't forget the "..."

That awkward moment when your sarcasm is so good people think you're serious.

That awkward moment when you realize nobody likes "that awkward moment" jokes but yourself.

I understood your sarcasm..

nofearjenshere 12

41- I like "that awkward moment" jokes.

my dad used to check for plaque with his fingernail to see if i brushed my teeth properly when I was a kid. I think I'm still traumatized.... :P

Cool story, bro.

I feel sick from all this plaque talk in the comments

outch_fml 0

Thanks for sharing?

I find this hard to masturbate to...

cierraashlee 5