By ZombiexIce - 10/02/2014 03:22 - United States - San Francisco

Today, something ran across my foot while I was on the toilet. Hearing me scream, my husband ran in. We now have a new "pet" mouse named Jerry that I am not allowed to kill under threat of divorce. FML
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Hey, this is the OP. I have owned rats and mice as pets, but with a wild one you really don't want them running loose around a toddler. As for getting a cat, I have been trying to get a kitten for my son, but our landlord wants a huge deposit. We are buying a humane trap and letting him go somewhere far away. We have temporarily plugged the hole he was using to get in until payday. My husband was jokingly threatening. He is just a big softie sometimes. :) We got a good laugh out of this, before I realized it was a mouse I ran screaming out of the bathroom with my pants around my knees. Glad everyone got a laugh out of this, we did!

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Get a cat and name him Tom that he's not allowed to get rid of....They can become friends.


Get a cat and name him Tom that he's not allowed to get rid of....They can become friends.

There is no solution to this problem. Even though she buys Tom.. Jerry always wins!

She can buy a nonvenomous snake and name it Rom.

There is nothing I hate more than animals in toilets. We used to have frogs inside our toilet and every time you went to pee or take a shit you'd be living in fear of a frog jumping out at you. And so arose my completely irrational fear of those terrifying slimey green things known to most of mankind as; frogs.

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How do frogs find their way into your toilet in the first place?

When he says toilet, he means bathroom. It sounds strange to Americans, but that's what some other English speaking countries call the room.

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Make it look like an accident...

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Or just "accidentally" release Jerry

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Jerry just happened to be under her shoe.

jerry ran away because you're an asshole

#19 This will probably get down voted ..but I have to say ..I am in freaking stitches right now. Thank you.

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Get a Tom. Best case scenario, live action version of the cartoon. Worst case scenario... Bloodbath?

#5 judging by the husband's earlier threat, worst case scenario would be the divorce!

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The cartoon is surprisingly violent. I was watching it for the first time in years the other day and in a span of about 5 minutes, Tom's paws got smashed in the window, he was hit over the head multiple times, he hit several doors, and had a body part ironed. A real-life version of the cartoon would be terrifying...especially if the poor cat survived everything that happened to him!

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oh this scenario is gonna end badly lol.

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And here come all of the Tom and Jerry jokes! Just say you "forgot" about a mouse trap that was set out awhile ago

"Is you is or is you ain't my baby" Wonder if the grammar nazis cringe at this song or if it's capable of bringing back those fond memories of Tom & Jerry?

As a borderline grammar Nazi, I enjoyed the reference :)

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Tom and Jerry in real life is the only real viable solution to this. Just sayin'.

...and Jerry's bros & sis, no doubt.

Maybe Jerry will run away out your front door or something...i really hope you can keep him contained...having him run free i can understand your trouble...